October 23, 2021


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46 thoughts on “UNTENABLE 🤮 Matt Hancock Career Over 🤦‍♂️ He Will Be Sacked / Leave Any Day Now….

  1. Seems pretty happy about his sacking, won't have to face the music for his crimes against humanity, got rid of the wife situation, klaus gave him the script for the so-called infidelity.

  2. Eleist telling us one thing to save lives save the NHS .then them the eleist doing exactly the opposite double standards why? Because they have money and it doesn't effect them .We need to change our entire political landscape of government and party's in Parliament

  3. This is yet again The Sun ragsheet poisoning what they call news. Really is he the only person in the UK having done this. It’s no worse than all those who held parties, bar bq gatherings or rave parties. It’s time this appalling ragsheet was closed down, all they do is incite anger and hatred 😡

  4. The only way this government have the finances to accommodate all the illegals is because Handcock saved many millions on pensions by killing the elderly in care homes 😡

  5. He took a job at the top which very much puts him in the public eye, the rules are you are expected to be squeaky clean and beyond reproach. The whole country had to follow a new set of rules in an effort to preserve the population and the emergency services with stiff fines issues for breaches. He broke those rules and had to face the consequences having chosen to resign rather than lose face and be damned by the population. Enjoy 😊 a long and happy quiet retirement 😭 😭.

  6. He’s conspired to release a toxic vaccine for profit that will give the population who survived it long term health issues which is under the guise of long covid. That’s what needs to be addressed here. There needs to be a criminal investigation for misleading the public and genocide not only to Chinese officials but the officials everywhere bypassing vaccine laws for fastrack. The bankers got away with making everybody skint, Tony Blair got away with genocide and now matt Hancock is getting away with mass immunisation with a deadly toxin.

  7. 🤣 🙉 🙈 🙊 Just posted the A to C scientific proof you (and the World ar large) is dealing with a textbook psychopath, Alex, and my comment was deleted. These brain damaged, human like beings will stop for nothing to conceal their mental illness… 😂 But the truth is out. Far and wide.

  8. Always had Hancock down as a political lightweight and a sycophantic creep, but his latest gaffe has nothing
    to do with the ministerial code of conduct but the fact he's so dim or arrogant (or both) to have been caught on camera ffs.
    He must have known CCTV arrangements were in place. I reckon he must have something on this and the previous leadership
    to have got where he is – the halfwit.

  9. accused of breaking the Covid code: nothing mentioned about ……..er…….infidelity……..? Hancock: “I don’t know where to start”….quote!. What a magnificent understatement……I couldn’t stop laughing! God, give me strength!

  10. "Morbidly obese Morgan". You know, Alex, Morgan can go on a diet to solve his weight issue. Your insecurities that is cofirmed with every catty and denegrating remark about someone can not be solved so easily. What are you going to do to become a little better?

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