September 25, 2021


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UPDATE: Our challenge against the bans that JAILED father of transgender teen

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37 thoughts on “UPDATE: Our challenge against the bans that JAILED father of transgender teen

  1. Thank you for fighting for our freedoms to all of You! Knowledge is power and this power is being stripped from us to keep us suppressed, we can't make informed choices and decisions in matters we don't even know about. This is a violation of the Canadian Charter of rights! We need more ppl to self educate and support independent media sources such as Rebel News . Keep up the good fight for us all, much respect and love ♥️

  2. Turn the kid into a spook then jail the Father, what insanity the Trudeau government is.
    When Trudeau 's plans fail and he finally stands before God ,as, The government will be on his shoulders ,Jesus's . The world will be finally on right standings . Go ahead ,ruin peoples lives government, roll the dice see what happens you will be judged on it though.
    In all honesty , though the government is half crazy, the populace 's sins are reaching high heaven with smell, don't beleive me, when 6 6 6 comes to pass that will be my proff only one can not buy or sell without the mark, if you take it no more chances ,you will go to hell. Think about not ruining peoples lives priminister
    Think about were you will go ,what you are doing.

  3. The entire Government of Canada needs to be removed from parliament and legislature across this country and all of the politicians put into one giant jail cell and the doors welded shut never again to be opened ever again!

  4. Our current governments are mentally deranged along with our legal system and those that sit at its benches and in its halls,I’d rather be varied by six than judged by 12 of those delirious mentally impaired pawns of the state.

  5. Doctors looking for clients. The medical system has become predatory on citizens. Power and money hungry they serve themselves and use all means of social and political control to meet their ends.

  6. It seems to me that if the court refuses to give you the information pertaining to any publication bans, then as a defendant you cannot be held responsible for overstepping any of the boundaries that have been secretly put in place. Doing so would appear to be a mishandling of justice, but then again when you are big brother you will do as you see fit irregardless of rights and laws won't you?

  7. Freedom in Canada died a long time ago. Beyond freedom of speech dying, mostly government controlled now days, we have become slaves to government edicts. We allow them to continue to pass laws and increase taxes without opposition, someday maybe we will wake up out of stupor and take Canada back from special interest groups who drive government legislation now days and maybe actually have a free Democratic society again.

  8. Absolutely everything corrupt governments, select groups + elites do is to destroy everything + every system that works, Corrupt governments bought Hollywood's Fiction of doom + gloom about everything. Their goal is to weaken the people then ram though the corrupt government agendas with little to no resistance. Corrupt governments, elites + select groups are the worst people on the planet they don't care about people or the planet its all about power + wealth. Everything about these corrupt governments + politicians, elites + select groups is disgusting

  9. And here we are
    About to destroy everything that is good and right
    Because insane billionaires think we're all wrong
    And dystopia looks so wonderful
    Well done people, just carry on sitting back and observing as They wreck your world.

  10. the issue goes way deeper than this, look up the silver bullet and you''' see the systemic biased family court that removes fathers from their children's lives and the degree that mothers are permitted and often encouraged to lie and file false allegations to gain tactical advantage over fathers that are good fathers and want nothing more than to be a part of their chalders lives

  11. whatever happened re: Wet'suwet'en blockades and Trudeau? I do not see any protests or blockaides so they must have settled right? What happened, no pipeline, pipeline with settlement, a new truck, what?

  12. No wonder why so many people don't want to have children any more.. My plan was to raise an open minded child. Not allowed to do that in Canada anymore, if you don't fit the agenda you are shunned or jailed!!! History is here to draw lessons from, not to be deleted because it offends a tiny group of people with big voices! Breaks my heart to see stories like this.. Children are born either little boys or little girls. Period. When I go to jail for this comment one day they won't throw me into a cell with a naturally born female for a darn good reason! Stop pretending feelings are more important than basic human biology!!!!

  13. Anytime you have government agents and lawyers and judges who are ashamed of what they're doing and fear the press or cameras or anyone have knowledge it is clear they know they're doing wrong.

  14. the canadian still proud of their own contry and dont still dont unserstand that the only way to stop the globalist its to make fall the entire stinky fédération..they dont still dont understand that they dont have a contry anymore ,trudeau himself have say that the canada was the first post -national contry…watch out..we will have the worst immimigration crisis very soon because the USA border was now like open…a lots of bus live texas and coming riight to new york when they will pass by the roxham road..all the hotel rent by the governement will in réality used to put all the millions of migrants will coming here very soon, without a words from the médias..

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