23 thoughts on “URGENT!! PAYPAL COIN LAUNCH 2020!! [NOT CLICKBAIT] Secret Data Leaked, Bitcoin – Programmer explains”
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    ⏰TIMESTAMPS (thanks to Nate Lovell):

    Introduction- 0:00

    Market Analysis and Some DeFi Talk- 3:49

    Ivan on Tech Alts Email List- 8:23

    Crypto Developer Webinar Shoutout- 8:54

    KAVA Updates- 9:17

    PayPal Situation Introduction- 9:36

    The 'Netscape Moment,' 20 years on- 15:20

    DEXes now easier than CEXs- 16:45

    PayPal Told EU It Had Crypto Plans Back in March- 22:02

    Macro Economic Perspective- 23:54

    Iran Licenses 14 Bitcoin Mining Farms- 27:07

    El Salvador Village Adopts Bitcoin as Money- 29:24

    Plutus Overview- 32:11

    IRS Agent Uses Crypto Referral Link- 36:33

    Altcoin Email List- 39:05

    Blockchain Developer Webinar- 39:32

    Q&A- 39:41

    Q1- do you know about some smart city promoting Crypto? 40:40

    Q2- What do you think about Unibright? 42:32

    Q3- How to take out profits when hyperinflation hits? 42:45

    Q4- Do you think Cardano will go 10x this year? 43:40

    Q5- Any updates on Bidao? 45:57

    Q6- What do u think if USA creates second layer of money as limited supply USD crypto? 46:20

    Q7- Is SwissBorg coming to the US? 47:19

    Q8- Whats up with BAL? 47:33

    Q9- Which one would be the best token for Gaming and Esport in your opinion? 50:03

    Q10- what's your opinion of Origin protocol? 56:20

    Q11- Which decentralized stable coin on Uniswap u prefer to rest money for a while? 57:35

  2. Just so u know Ivan, "the rabbit of trial" = "guinea pig" (Some say that the term guinea pig, meaning “one subjected to an experiment,” was first used in the 1920s. And this expression is still very common today. If someone calls me a “guinea pig,” it means that new ideas or methods are tested on me)

  3. Ivan, DOS Network is a decentralized oracle with mainnet and staking. It has a market cap of $2.4 million. This project has the potential to 1000X. Get your bag while it's still cheap.

  4. +ivan_on_tech
    You mention tech companies and gold are pumping and market is stagnating. This is TEXTBOOK "Stagflation" in economics. Gold pumps because of security, and technology pumps because of speculation. Dead giveaway! Stagflation occurs when currency see's large inflation at once. At the same rate people are exiting the market with their money, the government stimuli is injecting into the market, resulting in a stagnant+inflated market.
    Classical economics says that the REAL trouble comes when people begin to have trust in the market again. As soon as individuals and companies start spending money, the true value RAPIDLY catches up and price adjusts to real inflation rate, resulting in a huge price spike across all industries.

  5. OK, enough about that! What is the incentive to share THEBILLIONCOIN  the Ultimate Price of TBC go up by one  for each new member that comes into THEBILLIONCOIN community? Yes! It does! Doesn’t the Current Price of TBC go up daily, like clockwork,

  6. I live in the United States what man why do you give a s*** your in Sweden like are you f**** kidding me the US has one country so what they do a bunch of s*** I live here but man give me a break later on the other countries come up f*** bringing up the us all the time that's just weak yo

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