March 5, 2021


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US election proves Hispanics care about LEGAL immigration | Robbie Picard joins Sheila Gunn Reid

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33 thoughts on “US election proves Hispanics care about LEGAL immigration | Robbie Picard joins Sheila Gunn Reid

  1. I’ve never considered this, but it must hurt legal immigrants who actually go through the legal immigration process and become hard working US citizens to see their peers steal entry into the US or Canada. That is truly unfair. For the sake of true legal immigrants who are working toward or who have their citizenship, I say keep fighting for legal immigration.

  2. Keep self-flagellating, you just watch minorities give the nuke codes to another mental defective traitor. And every time one of your own people puts an illegal pistol in his mouth I hope you stay proud of the fact that "skin color" doesn't matter. A majority of minorities will never support liberty. Never do anything but hurt our way of life and steal from us and thanks for doing your part to make it easier.

    Every single one of you deserves the pain that comes if Trump cannot hang on.

  3. So now, the judiciary must post mortem the process. For America not to look completely corrupt they must recount and remove all the bad ballots. If you’re dead and you voted, nice try. If you’re not legally able to vote, sorry. The Dems,after a 4 year tantrum are announcing victory in an obviously questionable process. Good luck with that, they will need it…unless the 50 Pennsylvanians that came forth during Cancel Culture to openly put their faces and names and to share what they witnessed are liars,this is far from over.

  4. Any one who has live through oppression know what is going on Canadians have never experienced it and are completely naive and don’t know history
    Unfortunately they will have learn the hard way
    The Us and Canada have to purge all the current politicians and start over everyone is compromised don’t fall for another grand deception trump oversaw the largest wealth transfer in history explain that
    They all have to go
    Support independents it is the only hope

  5. FACT SOROS & his Buddies control parts of the USA government & media so until pres TRUMP deals with this FACT
    USA WILL CONTINUE to have CHAOS! until press TRUMP deals with SORO's & his buddies government meddling in USA.

  6. The Constitution of the United States does not grant the Federal govt. any authority to control immigration, with the exception being a declaration of war, and this would be aimed at the nation and citizens of the nation that we are at war with.

  7. Socialism just sounds like Financial Security for the rich.
    It will ensure that they stay rich and continue to further expand their control. Because Democracy isn't really helping them anymore. When you get to a certain wealth gap where you have more sway than the average citizen, If the wrong mindset gets in this type of position this is how Tyrants and Dictators rule. Obey or Disappear.

  8. The mobsters such as WHO UN WTO and compromised deep state swamp insiders are controlling the planet. Trudeau is connected to that. His dad mafia style stole our bank of Canada and his sock boy Justine is very evil inside.

  9. Forced immigration isn't lawful, it's an act of war.
    None that have arrived since the manufactured 'crisis' are lawful.
    It's guaranteed bloodshed, and too much has already been spilled.

  10. Hey Joe, show us a crowd! America deserves to see you speak to 30 – 50k people in multiple states! You can start with… Michigan! How about Pennsylvania?

  11. Early voting is not a problem. If you think the Hunter Biden stuff would change the opinion of anyone who has been conditioned daily by media to hate Trump since 2015, you are sadly mistaken! Unfortunately, swapping investigative journalism to opinion pieces masquerading as news is here to stay, because it has now been proven effective.

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