September 25, 2021


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US influence & neoliberalism are the main causes of migration from Central America

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8 thoughts on “US influence & neoliberalism are the main causes of migration from Central America

  1. Yeah its great if ppl can stay in their home countries…
    I guess that is where you agree with Donald.
    Problem is when life there sucks bcs of decades of corrupt socialists.

    How do you raise nations up? Industrializing them and having investments.
    But that of course is exploitation or worse.

    Had we stayed in Africa, the people would be better off now.
    South Africa is a disaster, going down the Simbabwe route.

    Maybe should learn sth from that…

  2. So not only is this person here incredibly ignorant towards history but her language framing the us reveals a clear bias.

    And yeah genius… the us is trying to remain a global superpower so obviously also a local power…

  3. Settlers are immigrants.
    America wasnt built with slavery. Slavery was basically a thing of the unindustrialized south.

    Slavery was very unproductive and america took off industrially after the civil warY

    So that was all bullshit.

    America is a immigrant nation bcs not only were the founders of america all settlers/immigrants but also the waves of irish, german or italian migrants later.

    The reason ppl are going to the us has always been hope for a better life.
    Back in the 17/18/19/20th century just like in this one…

  4. thank you , there were many types of cultures and same with races, all human ! also sent out of their own countries , put on ships . lied too, for centuries. /might look into the agricultural /farm worker's / countries have used called migrants' to enter even have nice accommodations , health care and more while jobs for locals get filled by those migrant's. and more locals become street people.. .

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