May 8, 2021


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33 thoughts on “USING YouTube $$$ TO CHANGE LIVES IN BANGKOK, THAILAND 🇹🇭🇹🇭 Pay It Forward

  1. I love the work you do Chris to help all the people you can. I will keep watching and sharing as my shareholder responsibility. Will also donate as its a truly worthy cause. Much appreciated.

  2. I remember I sold plastic bags in night markets when I was 7.
    I also worked in different jobs – a blacksmith, a mechanic, and at groceries store.

    Growing up extremely poor myself has taught to appreciate, love and pay it forward.
    I lifted so many people up from rock bottom. Just back in 2014, my university days were taugh. I had days where I just starved myself to save that extra cash to make other ends meet. I still remember living in a cracked old house with my parents sharing one meal for 6 people. There were days when I was sleeping and my mom would wake me up because rain drops keep falling on me. There were days where it was freezing cold and I wore only flip flops outside and my toes would go numb.

    2021 here I am, on top of the world. I accomplished everything I dreamed of.
    I built a house for my family and fully furnished.
    I bought an apartment for brother.
    I paid full wedding expenses for my other brother.
    I gifted my family a brand new car.
    I am also able to travel the world for a living.

    I am glad to see this. I do what you do behind the cameras and it inspires me to keep paying it forward. Folks, hang in there. Each one help one. What goes around comes back around.

  3. Beautiful to see. I have been training Muay Thai in Thailand and have made many good friends, always appreciated the trainers time and effort they put into making their students better so with the COVID situation they find themselves in a very tough spot with no money to be made. I'm glad seeing you support not only the Thai community in general but more specificlly the Muay Thai community.

  4. The channel may be about US, but YOU made it possible by creating the tool for US and YOU to help others. It's so heartwarming. The world could be such a better place if only the 1% had as much compassion as YOU and US.🧘🏻🧘🏿‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️🧘🏿🧘🏻‍♀️☮️❤️

  5. Dear CEO,

    Why Muay Thai not another Orphanage?

    Plenty of manufacturing jobs in Thailand for working adults.

    Children deserve more books 📚!
    (+Nutritious food, clothes, stationery & Love)

    Minority Shareholder

  6. Reach out to notime2bsad and foreignerjoe. .seem to be honest thoughtful guys…you already know I think there are a sh load of you tubers you should stay AWAY from
    Your karma is going to go in high gear ..

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