October 17, 2021


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USPS: From Delivering Your Mail to Spying On You | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 764

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30 thoughts on “USPS: From Delivering Your Mail to Spying On You | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 764

  1. This Evil Tyrannical Marxists are Destroying our country! DC a state what a joke! DC is a city???? Evil MARXISTS. The insanity never stops with these MARXISTS…….

  2. Article I, Section 8 Of The Constitution provides explicitly for a national capital that would not be part of a state nor treated as a state, but rather a unique enclave under the exclusive authority of Congress — a neutral “district” in which representatives of all the states could meet on an equal footing to conduct the nation’s business.

  3. Don't worry y'all there will be a riot somewhere and the police will not be able to handle it one of these big Tech monopolies will send in their security Force then we will have a corporate-run police state don't worry it's going to happen

  4. Can you guys find out how much money the lawyers make in these lawsuits against the police I know the Floyd family supposedly got $27 million how much of that money goes to the lawyers and their law firm I think that’s public information the public should know

  5. I love the post office. Literally, the biggest fan. 💯 I refuse to believe USPS would have or had anything to do with the scam 2020 election. WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. What about the life of the black girl that Ma'Khia Bryant was attempting to stab? Didn't her life matter too? Where's the logic?
    The blatant divisiveness and stupidity of the left is astounding.

  7. Richard Spencer, who endorsed the Harris/Biden ticket, must be absolutely LOVING what's going on in the inner cities, it's all he's ever wanted, the Left is accomplishing his goal and he doesn't have to lift a finger

  8. I've had some time for a bit of self-reflection, and I've come to this conclusion…it's the Guilty Caucasian (Liberals) (Progressives) that are the source of most of the problems with society, and that stems from the Bigotry of low expectations that the Left employs against people and communities of Color

  9. these are the results of decades of horrible Democrat policy, I'm completely heartless to these people and their situation, we all know the problem…the dissolution of the Black Family, and uninformed monolith voting

  10. (Conventionofstates.com) I'm starting to learn that "conspiracy theories" is another way of saying "the truth", now it's been proven that the system is rigged against it's citizens (as per the Time Magazine article), Article V of the Constitution provides a means of saving our great country, it's called the Convention of States.

  11. The only way to stop big tech is to find someone with deep pockets to sue them. Right or wrong is irrelevant because people are making choices about you based on information they have have hoovered up and that's not right.

  12. Actually, there is a component related to the skin color. There is a correlation that remains consistent across races that lower Vitamin D levels gives worse outcome. Darker skinned people tend to have a lower vit d level, as their skin better blocks the UV rays that convert to vit d. So there is heightened risk, but as vaccs are avail to all adults, so they aren't being kept from vaccinating.

  13. Well you should ask what other government agencies are spying on people. IMO, the answer is "ALL of them!" For starters, the J. Edgar Hoover-style targeting of so-called "Enemies of the State" never ended. Let that sink in. And BTW, the USPS's spying isn't limited to social media . . .

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