June 17, 2021


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Vaccinate or Terminate: Nurses Sue After Hospital Threatens Jobs

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Vaccinate or Terminate: Nurses Sue After Hospital Threatens Jobs. 117 Houston Methodist employees have filed a lawsuit, claiming that the mandate is illegal.


43 thoughts on “Vaccinate or Terminate: Nurses Sue After Hospital Threatens Jobs

  1. Ben, there are three more points to this:point 1. No business…not even a hospital has a duty of care for anyone catching a virus. Point 2. A nurse would have to be deemed a "direct threat" by doctors and the courts and that hasn't happened since 1901 with Typhoid Mary. Lastly, under the ADA, a person who is being "regarded as" having an infectious disease is protected from being fired because "working" is a "major life activity"!

  2. Vaccines are a medical intervention and NO one should ever be coerced, extorted or bullied into having any at all yet alone this ridiculous experiment. Now imagine what will happen if this experiment does what it did to the animals in the original trials when they were actually exposed to the virus after being inoculated. The hospitals will be overrun with patients whose bodies are having a meltdown and the nurses and doctors will be in the same position. I see a a terrible time ahead and those that are ok may have other health issues related to the toxins and the synthetic spike protien.
    Our government's are all complicit in being pharmafia bitches! Crimes against humanity are their specialty.

  3. Do not have sex with ppl that has had the jab.. or you'll become become jabbed.. according to a lady that had a good time with a gentleman out of town for the weekend. She got sick as a dog and now is angry and feel weird. Her period is acting funny. Metal objects are sticking to chest as well. Sad world we're living in. I turned down around 8 women the past few months because of that very reason of not wanting to kiss em, hug em, or lay with em… Phuck that!!!! Soon they'll all probably be zombies once the right frequency hits them and a rabies outbreak will take place. Trust nothing… God bless you

  4. We won't be able to hide much longer behind the EUA shield. The killers have control of that trigger. We just need to be willing to stand up now no matter what the cost. Broke is still better than dead.

  5. We aren’t even legally in an “emergency.” The tyrants just keep extending the so-called emergency, in part to allow this jab program to continue. It’s not a vaccine and we are not under a state of emergency.

  6. It should be noted that you can still get and spread the virus after the treatment. The FDA classifies the vaccine as Gene therapy because of mRNA

  7. NO, healthcare workers DO NOT "owe it to the patients to get a shot". That's making it assume the shots are benevolent harmless and helpful, which they are NOT. They also cause the vaxed to SHED SPIKE PROTEINS, which can put the patients in danger.

  8. Now the military is being forced to take vaccines or be suspended. These are not vaccines they're experimental shots and how do we help the military fight this???? Plz see mamm .org .

  9. Absolutely. Move even 100 miles, and I'm sure you can easily find a hospital job where they won't treat you like you're expendable. Get the hell out of big cities.

  10. This dude is acting like if it was FDA approved the hospitals could get away with it😂😂
    That’s the whole meaning of his this clip.
    Good old Jedi mind trick.
    Just MORE disinformation!!
    Doesn’t matter if they are even FDA approved. By law nobody can force a vaccine on anyone else. And if they fire them they can sue the shit out of the hospital. But people do not know their rights so will comply like sheep.
    Regardless of the bullshit case that supposedly went to the Supreme Court 100 years ago.
    Look into that case that man never got the vaccine he literally just got fined

  11. Schools wont let you enroll an unvaccinated child (MMR, hepC, chickenpox, etc). I wonder if employers will have that same right…
    As a nurse, I would gladly quit and look for another hospital, but if they all ask for the same thing… I'd have no choice but to take the jab eventually. Not antivaxxer at all just not feeling this c0v1d shot.

  12. What did Kary Mullis ( the inventor of the PCR test) say about the PCR test? That is the question we should be asking. How are they determining whether someone has the virus or not? What is the false/positive that happens when this test is used and this is the test they use. This blows everything out of the water but no one is addressing this. Where are you on this Ben?

  13. If someone wanted to lower heard immunity in people, how would they accomplish this? Perhaps by trying to get people to not exercise their immune systems. How would they accomplish this? Maybe by making it mandatory for people to wear masks and sanitize their hands steady? Some of my thoughts anyhow.

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