April 20, 2021


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Vermont Professor: I stand by my anti-whiteness video

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23 thoughts on “Vermont Professor: I stand by my anti-whiteness video

  1. Hey Freddy could you do an interview about the UN as a moribund and tepid institution allowing constantly massacres, Rwanda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria 🇸🇾 the list goes on and on with the martyrdom of the Burmese today being the last awful example! 🙏

  2. “Researchers have found that violence and cruelty has four general causes: greed and ambition; sadism; high self-esteem and moral idealism. Popular belief and clichéd stories tend to have it that greed and sadism are dominant. In fact, they’re vanishingly small. It’s actually high self-esteem and moral idealism—convictions of personal and moral superiority—that drive most acts of evil.” –Will Storr

  3. "The thing that happens in abuse relationships, is that one will try to control another by suggesting that there's something deeply wrong with the first." Interesting point! That's exactly the kind of thing that used to be called emotional / psychological abuse of a partner: Constant undermining of the person's identity, confidence, ideas, trying to make them feel crazy or bad until they even start to believe it. He's better equipped to notice this being in the psychiatric field.

  4. Diversity, Inclusion, Equity or DIE. Any questions?
    Should it be surprising at all that the anti-racist, woke devotees to Identity Politics are the most blatantly racist specimens we've ever seen? ID Politics is founded on constantly exercising a racist outlook defining all others by their racial group membership; not the content or intent of their characters. Race = stereotyped character content, Race = historical crimes and future intentions and Race = one's position on the Oppressor —–> Oppressed scale. No exceptions, not even for the harmless disabled. The woke Inquisition will not bend or bargain… Such inflexibility, irrationality and ever-changing rules seem more the nature of childish games; childishness, with all that entails. Angry children seeking power advantages through the abuse and torture of others. I'm sure that there are psychology experiments revealing this lawless tendency of such a Lord of the Flies analog.

  5. What we are witnessing today in incidents like this one are the wages of an "Identity Politics" supported by a consensus among liberal and progressive politicians of several so-called "races" who ought to realize that this approach to building a national political constituency is fundamentally invidious and that it also has a whiff of the Ancient Roman elitist tactic of "divide et impera" ("divide and rule") about it. However, controversies like this one are not, of course, recent in origin in the United States. This video reminds me a controversy from the 1990's involving Professor Leonard Jeffries Jr. He propounded a rather idiosyncratic and self-flattering racial theory: "…the idea that whites are 'ice people' who are violent and cruel, while blacks are 'sun people' who are compassionate and peaceful." See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Jeffries

  6. Diversity, inclusion, equity is current Canadian government policy.
    No joke.
    I live there. Front row seat.
    The voters voted for this twice in a row.
    We're gonna get what we deserve.

  7. The same vague accusations that were presented at the Inquisitions of witchcraft. Your accusers need not even present their accusations. 100s of thousands of elderly mostly women died.

  8. As a white Englishman my family earned substantial sums from Caribbean slavery. Many of my forebears served in and fought throughout the British Empire including India, Burma, Kenya, South Africa, the Gulf, Egypt, and Palestine. Do I feel a racist? No not in the slightest.

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