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Victorians will continue to demand ‘truth and justice for 800 dead’: Credlin

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Sky News host Peta Credlin says as Victorians start to gain back their freedoms and pick up the pieces of the long lockdown, their “demands for truth and justice for the 800 dead” will only grow.

“What people want now, is the truth. What people deserve now, is the truth,” Ms Credlin said.

Victorians have been celebrating the premier’s announcement that lockdown restrictions have been partially eased, while the state has also recorded to consecutive days of zero COVID-19 cases and zero deaths.

Although restrictions have been eased, the Coate Inquiry into the hotel quarantine debacle has yet to uncover who signed off on private security guards.

“Every Australian who is paying the cost, of Victoria’s second wave, needs to get the reassurance that what happened before won’t happen again,” Ms Credlin said.

“We have not forgotten, we will not forget, and as we start to gain back our freedoms, and pick up the pieces, our demands for truth, and justice for the 800 dead, will only grow.

“Daniel Andrews hopes his masterful games of spin will save him.

“But on this, too many Victorians have seen and felt the pain his decisions have caused first hand.

“This time, his games won’t work. This time, the Emperor has no clothes.”