October 23, 2021


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VIRAL Police Cam Video Shows the TRUE Face of Racism | LevinTV

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44 thoughts on “VIRAL Police Cam Video Shows the TRUE Face of Racism | LevinTV

  1. There MANY Marxist teachers, and they have your kids. I know, because I was a teacher and a NEA representative for a couple years. At federal NEA conversations, I saw what they were voting for your children. That was back more than 10 years ago.

  2. I was called a "slave owner" by a black subordinate, in front of a manager….crickets from the manager! And I worked as a white minority, in a healthcare facility, with blacks being 90% management and workers being 98% black.
    Nothing was done about the racism, hatred and rhetoric concerning politics. They constantly repeated propaganda and lies from CNN and would turn all TVs to CNN.
    They got by with things, no white person would say or do!

  3. It does not matter what color hue your skin is, the Golden Rule still applies to ALL people. It's found in God's Holy Book of Instructions for successful life and living. We call it the Bible. LUKE 6:31 "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU"… Have we forgotten that? Live it! Let's put the 10 commandments back up in public places! Put prayer back in schools! Stand up against cultist and satanic centers of worship!
    We are not the society I grew up in! Stand up for Jesus Christ. May we all strive to be more like Him!

  4. Levin is a history revisionist. He just writes books to make money off of duped conservatives. Never get a dime of my money. What a whiney voice that pretends to be mad at libtards. Levine TV what a scam.

  5. WHAT DOES SHE TEACH "HATRED"….. these are the people that CNN ABS NBC BLM BBC CBS GOOGLE TWITTER FACEBOOK SOROS GATES ZUCKERBERG ANTIFA PELOSI WATERS JAMES BIDEN CLINTON HARRIS DORSEY ROWLING TRUDEAU MACRON BARNIER WINFREY DEGENERES MARKLE GOLDBERG COOPER MADDOW HARRIS have created, may these people and organisations listed be held to account someday for this, God protect law enforcement from these despicable people…..

  6. POS! TEACHER! GET YOUR KIDS OUT IF PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!!!!! that is the greatest move Americans could make. Don't let them even do online schooling through public schools. Teach them yourselves!!!!

  7. Satan is an accuser of the brethren. So are all the liar's crying racist There's no doubt Satan indoctrinated his robot's to scream Racist at everyone that is not a racist . The radicals who do this I'll Tell you a fact " YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN ! "
    However you are lost and headed for the eternal fire of HELL. It doesn't matter if you don't believe there's a HELL.
    You're still going there.

  8. Show her face…. poor son what an example and I fear what she teaches. Find her and use this video to fire her. A lot of people are getting fired over conservative posts. I'd say this video tops post. 😡

  9. The best part of her disgusting rant is that she fumbles over her own ignorant words. She mistakenly left her government issued drivers license card that must be present at the time of operating a motor vehicle at home, how convenient and he still didn't issue a ticket for that.

    Racist and ignorance comes in all shapes and colors.

  10. She should be sooooooo ashamed of herself! And a teacher??? Look what she is “teaching” her own children who are in the car??? How sad for the cop too. He was just doing his job and he should be commended for remaining calm.

  11. I don't ever recall any of my teachers driving mercedes they .mostly had toyotas or hondas. She also admitted to driving while using her cell phone hope she had to pay that 200.00 fine.

  12. What terrible teacher to brainwash the Innocent young kids mind that's Really sickening coming from a Grandpa!!!!! What can I say she must be a corrupt Democrat MARXIST showing all that hatred against another human being

  13. Yea agreed. This is what the teachers are teaching our kids? Wow!! Does she say that to the children too? With all the new immigrants in this country I am sure their are many new Mexicans here too. Most of America comes from immigrants where are her ancestors from? God bless that officer!

  14. Agreed that lady person is why those people are totally Racist those people who are pointing the finger at everybody else are the one I need stopped they need put in big time out they’re fools and it’s written all over them Sad America has such stupid people like this lady and if she is a teacher how sad she’s wasting all those children’s time pushing her racist agenda

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