17 thoughts on “VR Holocaust Experience”
  1. I'm torn. Do I feel sorry for the sufferers of Africa's notorious overpopulation problem, who if saved by White resources, will want to flood into Europe and America for welfare, special preference and White women? Or that these sufferers are lacking a "Proper" education? I know it's my duty to worry about these things but can't a portion of the proceeds from the Kosher Tax be used to feed and educate these people? After all we Americans have been paying the Kosher Tax for over 60 yrs..You'd think America would be Kosher by now!

  2. Israel was NEVER on a map. It was spiritual. These bastards have used it for evil. Is Samaritans Purse backing these mind control gadgets? Just questioning. WHO (hahaha)Is in front of this?

  3. Should they not be getting the basics to live a healthy life first,will it really help their life playing with a VR mask and learning where Israel is on a map, it's a case of priorities. I thought this was a joke in bad taste I mean the kids don't even have clothes on ,mad ,mad world, I accept your good intentions though ,buy why do African kids need to know this above ,food,clothes and Meds

  4. ATTN: Most user comments are bing blocked. I am the site owner and most of my comments are also being blocked. Its unit 8200 of Israeli Intelligence in cooperation with the ADL who are behind the manipulation of most Internet traffic that they don't want you to see. For more information about their threat go to http://www.voxnews.com

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