February 25, 2021


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Wall of Shame Retraction #301- Jordan Fenster, The Hour

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Congrats to Jordan Fenster of The Hour News for a massive correction in reporting on Project Veritas. Your journalistic malfeasance is worthy of the Wall of …


43 thoughts on “Wall of Shame Retraction #301- Jordan Fenster, The Hour

  1. maybe you can use space on Trump's wall? will it be big enough? before editing what Fenster really said was …. "ya see wut, wut happened wuz …. "

  2. Them sticking to the facts would result in a public not being able to sift out what's going on. They need predigested shit spooned up for easy repeating. You tell em Hillary!

  3. You should highlight where these people are getting their journalism credentials. If you want to fix the problem, go to the source. Colleges and universities should be accountable for their products just like every other business is.

    OMG I DID A DOUBLE TAKE, I THOUGHT MY EARS WERE BROKEN OR SOMETHING! So I rewound, but it turns out they did sing that! LMAO??????

  5. "Stick to the facts" to a typical reporter is like saying "Stick to the Constitution" to the 2016/2017 – 9th Circuit Court judges.
    Feelings…… very important! (My feelings… not yours).

  6. Used to be crucial to fact check..making certain your facts were indeed fact. Was a journalistic code of ethics. Shame on all that know what they are doing is not honorable. The dishonesty of the press hurts many. They shouldn't be sleeping well.

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