38 thoughts on “Wall Street Whale Makes HUGE BET on $4,000 GOLD – Bob Kudla”
  1. Irs not a choice between presidents, countries, entities, governments,elite, banks or currencies per se but a choice between FREE SYSTEM OF MONEY versus SLAVE SYSTEM OF MONEY
    Watch https://youtu.be/xxXsWuHEyco
    Our mission now: to get the funds out of the "system of slavery" and transfer it to system of freedom…..so yes we MUST work in the system of slavery for a while…..the transition to cut- off is graduaI ….!

  2. I am confused. Why place a buy order for 4k and not buy now at $1500 and place a sell order at 4k. Seems to me that would make the person money.
    How would the person make a ton buying at 4k, with the possibility of it dropping down to 3k or less.

  3. When the levee breaks there will be no where for the banksters to run to . 😁 And all I have to do is watch sheeple on my big screen 📺 tv tearing them limb💪 by limb 🦵 🤣 on the fake news . LOL 😂

  4. All the banks of the world are owned by the same few controlling families. So they are using their banking system to control the economy of countries all around the world. The controlling families never lose out. They just move the money from one of their banks into another one of their banks in another country. That's just one way they control the world. Changes requires the peoples participation. WWG1WGA ! : )

  5. The foreign bank in trouble is Deutch Bank (German bank). Foreign affairs minister in Germany is trying to obtain legally an interdependence between every European bank before Deutch bank falls down so every European nation share the losses of those assholes. They recently suppressed 18000 jobs.

  6. Hey Bob hey SGT I know we were supposed to have a market crash back in like August/September and now in December. I pulled everything out of my 401(k). I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting. So far the market has gone in the other direction, up! Still trusting your insight!! Thank you for all your work!

  7. I really wish I knew how much gold/silver will be needed in the future.
    But considering my neighbours are at zero, even a half ounce and some silver eagles is a 100% better position.

  8. The Fed is done! A friend of mine showed me how he got his SS gone! The Fed was owned by the Linda banking system which was owned by the Vatican which is owned by the Robb! Childs it’s all coming down

  9. lol…….why in the HECK are you numbnuts messing with digital AIR like bitCON?? You deserve to get fleeced by the bankers……watta joke….and you should have known better……..silver and gold

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