47 thoughts on “WARNING!!! THIS COIN PUMPED 1600%!!! TOO LATE TO BUY ALTS NOW?? Programmer explains”
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    ⏰TIMESTAMPS (thanks to Nate Lovell):

    Introduction- 0:00

    Doge Is Inevitable- 3:15

    Webinar Reminder- 3:36

    Market Analysis- 3:58

    DeFi Market Updates- 7:00

    Ivan On Tech Alt Strategies Event- 8:45

    DappRadar- 9:28

    Stay in The Game | Long Term Mindset- 12:30

    We haven't even started the alt cycle- 14:45

    Kyber Market Behavior- 23:40

    Teller raises $1 million to bring credit scores to DeFi crypto loans- 26:38

    Ethereum approaches technical limits as transaction fees soar- 30:00

    Thailand's CBDC could soon be in the hands of the public- 31:25

    $1.4 billion in Bitcoin was laundered via unwitting exchanges in 2020- 34:26

    Can you explain to me why the HEX coin has a 30 position on coin paprika? 35:30

    Q&A- 35:57

    Q1- Which do you think will happen first? The stock market bubble crash or the defi bull run? 38:22

    Q2- Do you see trustswap competing with current defi projects or do they bring something new to the table? 40:30

    Q3- Will AMPL-ETH liquidity smart contract handle it correctly? 45:22

    Q4- Will I benefit from new coins on AMPL daily rebalancing? 46:54

    Q5- What about ETH fees so high? 47:34

    Q6- Is ORN the new Swissborg? 50:18

    Q7- What is your opinion on Matic? 51:26

    Q8- Did u look up on dmg? 51:42

    Q9- If eth goes to 10k and one needs 320k to become a staker, isn’t that bad for decentralization? 52:06

    Q10- What do you think about ALEPH? 53:05

    Q11- Did you talk to the SwissBorg team about finding out when they are going to make their app available to the USA? 53:50

    Q12- Please can you elaborate on how potential regulations may influence Defi? 54:58

    Q13- You dont see the stock market crashing anymore due to brrrr? 56:48

    Q14- opinion on vet and xrp combining to enter defi space?? 57:11

  2. Seeing that bitcoin has been fluctuating lately , its a minus for all its hodlers across the world. Because the price at which bitcoin is selling currently is actually a low price. because As of 2019 btc experienced a huge rise in it's price, and As of January 2020 bitcoin price dropped again which is a huge setback for its hodlers. the price has been predicted by different crypt0 gurus to skyrocket by the end of the year and no one would love to make loses at that time. I have been getting good tutoring from Jordan Meyers for the past three weeks and i have been able to increase my portfolio by 20% so far which is good game compared to when i was doing it wrongly and making many mistakes. He treats beginners with ease so they will get it right. He can be rêached on Tele-gram @jordmeyers

  3. ​​China’s Center for Information and Industry Development has published their 16th Rankings of Crypto Projects.

    Top gainers this time are IOST (6th spot) and GXchain (7th spot), both projects were not even listed on the previous edition. COSMOS and QTUM are also significantly up in the list, 10 and 6 positions respectively.

    The CCID describes itself as “a first-class scientific research institution directly under the administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.”
    Pls cover IOST on any of video, I think it's easily 10x in 2020 as it has not participated in Defi run yet

  4. Is it too late? Don’t fall into FOMO because there’s always a new coin, a new technology, a new something just around the corner. By the end of the years they’ll be 10 new technologies that will “change the world”.

  5. Ivan, from here on out I am your English expert my man. Daily watcher and American here. Great show man. For today. The word "interesting" is properly pronounced (IN-TUR-es-TING) American laxed it's usually (IN-TRES-TING).

  6. Ivan, your followers in social media is much greater than all the users of DeFi. Lol, I think you should consider buidling your followers on decentralised social media Hive which no one has the power to take it away from you. Our network is our networth. DeFi technology is good, but we will never know the future for sure. We will never grow wrong with buidling our own community of people. Cheers Ivan

  7. Trump has run the USA into the ground – the USA and the pathetic response to the Pandemic have created fiscal feet of clay. The only hope for the USA is to remove Trump and replace him. OMG people must pay taxes – the mindset that Biden will make everyone pay is a breath of fresh air.

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