March 3, 2021


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Was Neil deGrasse Tyson Right About Deaths From Medical Error?

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26 thoughts on “Was Neil deGrasse Tyson Right About Deaths From Medical Error?

  1. I did start out very dubious, even though I know this channel. But you did convince me to believe you about the way those studies went wrong (it's a frustratingly common practice!), and consequently drop that erroneous belief. Uplifted, I feel, thanks!

  2. I only watched the start of this video, I can imagine it goes on to say what a great job doctors are doing and how the error rate is just wrong. BS if anything the error rate is an understatement of the real number. Doctors especially the old ones are some of the most rude, uncaring pig ignorant people a person will ever come across. The amount of times I have been misdiagnosed in my own life is shocking, the amount of family members and friends who have also been misdiagnosed is shocking. What is most troubling is that most of these conditions were text book. It should have been an easy catch and easy fix. From x rays not looked at correctly, from incorrect meds given. To people been told they are wrong in their own diagnosis, to find months later, the doctor was wrong. The most vile, disgusting people I have ever had the misfortune of meeting have been medical professionals. Most enter the field not out of care for people but out of arrogance and a feeling of superiority. I will say however the younger doctors, are better which is hope for the future

  3. OK, I'm just gonna come out and say it. Neil de Grasse Tyson is a scientist who moved over into science communication and now his self-image as a celebrity (not to mention the money) is more important to him than scientific integrity. In other words: he is a shill for himself. Which is a pity; but I don't pay attention to anything he says these days.

  4. What about misdiagnosis of a conditions? It occurs way too often.

    Or medicine not treating underlying causes and just symptoms when it comes to chronic disease?

    Genuine questions.

  5. PLANDEMIC or SCAMDEMIC? which one is it? Actually, it is BOTH.
    PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING was used to precondition the masses. This SCAM on
    humanity was PLANNED long ago. (links at the end)
    Under the hood of
    "pandemic" (that is not even a pandemic because so few people are
    affected) there is GREAT RESET, an NWO agenda in action with taking
    away of the rights and liberties, mandatory vaccinations, modification
    of people's DNA to make people complete mind zombies, easy to control,
    never questioning, obedient slaves that will report to doctors office
    to get new mRNA "update" when their
    "trusting doctor" office calls in.

    Well, people already wear their masks of slavery, quite happily, don't they? And, they attack those that are not buying into this scam.
    And, no one is dying from anything else but COVID!!!!!

    Down the line mandatory tagging of the people with "vaccine ID" quantum dot tattoos
    will be used to usher in the cashless society system that evilarchy that have hijacked
    the planet are planning to do to all of us.

    to those with functioning brain cells: before you do take computer program created, untested,
    very dangerous mRNA vaccines that will modify you genetically forever, take a look what previous
    of vaccines are doing …


  6. You can film in the car if you record sound with a directional lavalier on a separate recorder. Directional lav's are expensive (around $500), and require a recorder that supplies phantom power, but significantly reduce ambient noise. Combine that with noise-reducing software, and you can get really clean sound.

  7. “The second study had No mentioned methodology” oh so a made up study, seriously how do articles like that get published in reputable jounals?? (Hint: The answer is money)

  8. I have a deep authority complex, I'm not fond of it being exercised on me. When I was young I never enjoyed going to the doctor, sitting in the room with all those other sick people freaked me out and then I didn't like having some man poke at me. I think that set in pretty deep, I don't remember the last time I went. I put a lot of effort into maintaining my health, but it would be awful silly to die from something preventable because I ignored symptoms for too long. There's a balance point in here, care for yourself but seek help when need. It's funny how hard it can be to follow simple concepts like that due to insane monkey feelings. Thanks for giving a face to doctors that I vibe with, you're a sensible lad for sure. Lad was just for fun, I'm only 39, not of the years needed to call you that :0

  9. OMG 777 comments 😉
    Thank you for that. Even without the math I knew that was as ridiculous as people putting gerbils in their butts. Now the same people believe other dumbthings but nothing with the word conspiracy in it… as if people with power corrupt and then conspire to wrig, destroy. hide.
    Absolutely who would bother with such an elaborate and diabolical plan. Nothing to see there let's go along as we think usual -shunning each others brightness and giving our loosh the the dark side. Woah.
    I love your humor ! Great job this channel will explode. Cheers

  10. Listening with an open mind but I do see where your numbers are a little skewed. assuming that these deaths happened in the hospital due to medical error and not at home after the error was made with improper medications or complications to a mistake made during surgery or misdiagnosis

  11. This all comes down to defining what is a "death by medical error". Before most invasive procedures, you will sign some documents with a LOT of legal fine print, detailing exactly, what can go wrong. There are some complications during an invasive procedure, that doctors can't control. And there are some they can control. If you have a 95yo patient with severe COPD and coronary disease, who is taking about 20 pills per day for various ailments and now presents with lung cancer …well, you probably will just let nature take it's course, because the chance of that person leaving your table alive are slim to none. Any type of surgery could kill that patient. Even the anesthesia could be deadly with that predisposition. If the cancer has invaded blood vessels, the chance of uncontrollable bleeding is high. If this surgery would happen, this would be one of the many risks you would have agree to. And when you die of one of those complications, it's not a medical error. Or is it? What about the surgeon having some tremor in his hands today, maybe cutting an little too deep. Yes, this was a risk, but it would not have been triggered if the surgeon would have been better at his job. The truth is, you can never prove that this was a medical error and the doctor will never tell you.
    The only medical errors that will be counted are those of gross incompetence: leaving something inside the patients body, amputating the wrong leg, being under the influence of drugs while operating, not understanding basic symptoms etc. I had one autopsy case, where a child was admitted after it crashed its bike and fell on the head. Presenting with nausea, vomiting, headache…no CT or MRI was ordered, instead it was admitted for observation. It died that night from a intracranial bleeding. The doctor was charged with gross negligence, because that accident and those symptoms actually scream for some radiologist to do imaging. Even laymen know this, but somehow the doctor did not see it that way. He paid several 100k€ (or rather his insurance did). He did not lose his license and is still practicing medicine today.
    In other words: Only the really big errors, you can't cover up will be counted. All the small things will never come to light. Prescribing the wrong pill/wrong dosage, being distracted during surgery, not scrubbing in properly, misdiagnosing patients thus wasting time with the wrong treatment, etc. Death by sepsis after infections due to lack of hygiene probably kills most people. You can never be sure who was the culprit, but is probably was hospital personnel. So, yeah, I think the numbers are not that far off. It depends on what you call a medical error and what is just defined as "bad stuff happens and you can't prove it was me".

  12. Wow…I'm way behind the averages. I should have killed 26 people in 50 years and I am uncertain I can claim one.
    Thank you for addressing this topic.
    Fake news is everywhere and the truth is almost invisible.

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