May 8, 2021


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Washington D.C. Preparing for Protests By Boarding Up

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29 thoughts on “Washington D.C. Preparing for Protests By Boarding Up

  1. MAKE THEM EXPLAIN THIS?! Michigan Votes prior to shutdown: TRUMP 2,200,902 / BIDEN 1,992,356. Michigan Votes After Resumption: TRUMP 2,200,902 / BIDEN 2,130,695! …SO out of Hundreds of thousands of NEW VOTES, Trump didn't get even ONE: REALLY?

    This is a Coup d'etat!

  2. If anyone thanks they can get into the White House let's just say first if you get past their secret service and their dogs no one and I mean no one is prepared to deal with what is after that ..this statement was already made twice

  3. This won’t be the β€œnew normal” for elections. After this election democrats will cease to function as a political party with any authority. Their power and authority will decline rapidly over the next two years.

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