June 17, 2021


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WE DID IT!!! 200k SUBS!

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49 thoughts on “WE DID IT!!! 200k SUBS!

  1. Yes indeed a big thankyou to you and Lacey for all the hard work you do, a big CONGRATULATION to you both no the 200k support and subscribers you have, well done, xxxx

  2. THIS THE VOICE OF DEMOCRACY! OF THE BREXIT PARTY SOON TO BE REFORM PARTY! CONGRATULATIONS! Mahyar Tousi and Lacey! On reaching 200,000 subscribers and members!

  3. Congratulations to both of you! Stay safe , thank you and loads of luck for the future. The first time I saw your video I knew you’d make it.

  4. Wow Splendid, really well done Mahyar and Lacey, it doesn't seem that long ago since reaching 100k, that shows how successful your channel is.. congratulations and a big thank you for your hard work in doing what you do so well. Long may it continue to grow.

  5. Well done you two ? You deserve it. This has made my morning ( in Tajikistan), as you do pretty much every morning.
    Question: Could Pritti and Nigel work together to sort out the immigration problem? I mean, could she bring him into the Foreign Office?

  6. Well done Mahyar and lovey Lacey!
    Keep up the good work! Next agenda The Reform party!
    Reform –
    House of Lords!
    Lockdown policy!
    Mail voting fraud
    City Mayors

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