April 18, 2021


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38 thoughts on “WE DON'T HAVE FREE MARKETS – Mike Maloney

  1. Thanks, Mike for the excellent referral of this great message and story of human freedom and collaboration. Thank you once again for your passion and contribution to letting everyone be his own master. We have the duty to learn and be the masters of our lives.

  2. Everyone likes a free market until it affects them. If people sold all there gold and never bought it again and only did bitcoin, I bet some ppl here would be singing a different tune.

  3. 5:40 Agree 100% Mike – we all must do our part to continue educating others that this is NOT a free nor fair market. It’s fully in the hands of the bank/oil/drug-pharma cartels, and supported by spineless politicians and mockingbird media.

  4. The Free Market ceased to exist in the US in 1913 with the implementation of the IRS and Federal Reserve System… Both Planks of MARXISM (1- A central Bank, 2- Progressive Income Tax). The US is a Socialist Nation, thanks to Jesuit Subversion. Yes… Jesuits. Such as good Ol Cecil Rhodes and his Round Table group, and their pals in the US, the Pilgrim Society. Don't forget that the Jesuits are a MILITARY Organization. The Masters of Deceit. Communism and Fascism are two the sides of their same coin of Socialist LOOTING. Both alive and well in the US.

  5. 2:47 Wow, Affordable Health Care Act, 19,000 page document, paid for by taxpayers dollars … and we STILL don’t have “affordable” health care. And did the politicians themselves create the document or was it “contracted out” to a “friend”, increasing costs??? (redundant, sarcastic question)
    Wake the h*ll up people.
    How many times more can you be lied to when you don’t know the truth…

  6. 1:52 I agree 100%, “I, Pencil” is an amazing read, a big slap in the face for those who are asleep and allow themselves to be awaken.
    Let the market be.
    End the Fed Res. Become your own central banker. Get OUT of their fiat currency garbage system as much as possible …. yes, you can.

  7. I’ve never seen you lean so far forward in your chair Mike. You can feel the passion you have for this subject, as if you’re trying to come through the screen at us. Thank you for your passion and for passing on your knowledge. You’re the great teacher that I never had!

  8. The "vote" can also be used to control behavior. Imagine if people refused to "vote" for Gates or Bezos or … Simple non-violent and easy way to stop the nonsense.

  9. Free people thrive and enjoy independence where free markets work. No individual market participant has the power to alter the functioning of a free market. Only governments can to this, and where they do inhibit free markets, people eventually become dependent on governments. People who are dependent on governments are not free. It's ironic and sad that people who would gladly give up their individual liberty for a handout are able to participate in a democracy by voting, as this could eventually lead to all of us being dependent on government. We are seeing this happen now.

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  11. 2:14 When corporates lobby using politicians for certain legal advantages, the end result is the politician will inevitably become THEIR boss.
    I think there are only two Free Market based economic mechanisms left in the United States: Corrective eye surgery (i.e. LASIK, etc) and electronics technology. There might be other shards of free market capitalism beyond these two – and if anyone knows more, I'd be interest to know.

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  13. See also Milton Friedman's reflections on this theme. For the recognition of the function of prices in the organization of complex activities, Friedrich Hayek won the Nobel Prize. Consider that centrally planned economies are not capable of making pencils or really of achieving any goal except tyranny.

  14. love Friedman – We dont know what we have till its gone – I am sad to say the end of the massive benefit of the free market (negatively called capitalism) – we will soon be in bread line ups

  15. Amen, brother! Preach the free market! If ya want to help the poor, you want the free market, not big government and welfare programs! 🙂

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