May 13, 2021


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We Face Not Imminent Risk of Flu- But Imminent Extinction!

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21 thoughts on “We Face Not Imminent Risk of Flu- But Imminent Extinction!

  1. In order to unify you must eliminate ALL divisive labels…. they conquered us by dividing us. No more conservative vs liberal or republican vs Democrat or ANY political labels. The only label required is FREEDOM FOCUSED AMERICANS.

  2. Great talk Sibel. Lookin great too Xoxoxo

    I'm binging your videos now 😉 Those "Mask Karens" on the plane and elsewhere should be ashamed of themselves for how they treat other people. KARMA will get them. It always does 😉

  3. I tried to warn Americans ten years ago that the military would be forcing injections onto people. But America's anti-Christian, lawless, cowardly national security establishment, using one agency after another, descended on me and my family as the murderers and cowardly rapists and thieves they are. My efforts have been neutralized primarily by poisonous directed energy weapons and the theft of my journals again and again. They have raped, murdered and terrorized, variously, everyone I know. Never expect anything other than terrorism from these over-funded, under policed criminal networks. They are traitors and cowardly Satanists.

  4. Check out Rosa korie on liberty caucus and computing forever who has been fighting this for decades, also ac4pr on YouTube who were also fighting 7 years ago for SE Florida.

  5. Civil Disobedience is the only way, just don't comply. Working within a rigged game is never going to work, and it is rigged at every level, right down to the local governments. Setup our own systems to replace theirs, stop paying them money or any attention. Be ready to fight and die if necessary to defend your rights. You are an immoral energy being just playing in this game to learn a lesson and have experiences. Make sure you make the most of it. Have fun!

  6. A few years ago a senior director of a large Swiss bank told me that a decision had been taken in Davos to ELIMINATE the Middle Class because the Middle Class would always object to the loss of freedom, privacy and individuality which was the prerequisite for the New Society the WEF had decided was to be the future. He said in the new world order there would only be room for a docile obedient lower class, politicians and technocrats to rule them, and billionaires to finance everything. This is exactly what we are seeing being implemented now. The destruction of all private businesses is the key element in their plan. I have tried warning local businesses for years, but nobody would listen to me, and even now they are bowing over backwards to "comply", not realizing that since their destruction is the whole object of the "climate" and "bug" farces all they will accomplish is for the tyrants to have to move the goal posts further away until they are finally bankrupt as desired by the billionaire corporatists.

  7. “When the left has power they use it. When the right has power we talk about using it. Until that changes we have no shot at winning. For the right this is politics, win or lose we accept it. To the left it's their religion. Who wins if one sees it as sport and the other religion?”
    —Matthew Holliday

  8. It's time to form a separate nation, of sorts. I'll start. I'm a citizen of the nation of Nah. I won't fight back, protest, call senators and congressmen with complaints. I'm just gonna say nah and I'm going to support other citizens of Nah. I sharpen knives, for example and now only offer my services to those sympathetic to the nation of nah.

  9. Hi Sibel,
    You are 100% correct, except the history of what we see unfolding – the Marxist-Socialist takeover in several forms, including the cancel culture, goes back much farther than 3 decades. This has been a slow growing cancer silently spreading its tenacles into every aspect of American society, initially starting from the bottom up, since the 1800s. The history is fascinating and complex. In order to understand every seemingly absurd crazy idea or directive put out, you must start at the beginning and learn the origins, motivations, and path of this cancer. I am posting the link to a highly informative video. It has 3 parts. The other 2 parts are on the same channel. This is a must watch for those who want to understand how we got here. And thank you for your service.

  10. Hello Sibel,

    I can't believe you were right about the masks. The research indeed is not very strong and only cites that they could help because of observational studies which also could have been affected by other data. (scientific bias)
    Most studies and even historically have proven no evidence for reducing transmission of aerosols. The misuse of science by top officials and politicians is unbelievable.

    Also I've seen most left media blow up as they have been exposed. I guess the same goes for right, but it doesn't matter. This is not about left or right.
    The whole media landscape has become a clown show. It's really ugly to see this reality.
    But the propaganda runs deep, they even fact check for you so you don't have to do research. It's unbelievable.

    But there are good news. The tide is starting to turn, so keep up the good work, with time the truth will come out.

  11. Nothing alarmist about it. If there ever was a time to put the siren at eleven.. Netherlands here. We are under curfew. It's truly insane. We had two maybe three nights of unrest when it was implemented. That was it. That story of the people in the plane cheering, so exemplifying of the herd. Since 9/11 I've always been against calling people sheeple for having their blinders on. Now it's different. It's impossible to gauge in percentages but such a large part of the population really act like sheep. Submissive. Bow to authority. And then you have the enforcers. People who revel in telling other what to do. The collaborators. I now understand the special loathing reserved for those who collaborated with the German occupation almost a century ago.
    I resist in ways I can. Can't elaborate on an open platform. I do hope the slogan you used to cite is true "It does not take a majority to prevail". The other day I wrote it will either end in enslavement or tribunals. Use what words you want to substitute the meaning is clear. We're in the fight of our life and for our lives. It is going to be hard. There will be many dark moments the only light you'll have will be your inner light. We'll be tested. But we have a goal. A mission and an objective. Hold onto it and it will guide you. Like "The old man in the chair" says: Please remember, you are not alone. More and more are waking up. And we will win this war if we fight it with facts, passion and determination.

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