February 27, 2021


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We tried to warn you…

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48 thoughts on “We tried to warn you…

  1. How many imaginary COVIDs can dance on the head of a pin? Shame on you, Luke, and anyone who buys into the existence of a mythical virus that is a long planned clever propaganda ploy by the WEF, Gates, et al to facilitate marching in lockstep with the authoritarians CCP system.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen just stand up for your rights. There is no win for these interest groups if we embrace our constitutional rights…as ONE. We are what America is. Not the few but rather the many.

  3. If you ever wondered if trump was a fake out good cop to their bad cop show. All i gotta say is why pardon a election fund stealer and leave julian and bradley manning and edward snowden behind bars and also why didnt he try once to stop censorship or to charge anyone Drops Mic

  4. Luke FFS there is no virus or sickness. PCR testing is false and inaccurate. The body purges itself of poisons during the cold months. This is a natural thing. Viruses do not exist, it is false Rockefeller lies to the masses.

  5. HE DID NOT FOGOT HIS BANANAS LIAR!!! his banana is in a bag with other stuff. ah Luke, are u becoming FAKE NEWS?!!! you or Tim telling to people to at least google for info by yourself. And you Luke, you cant at least try to watch a video more than 1 time and analyze. sad. no banana, no like

  6. From old catholic prophecies and other, near future seems to look like this:

    1. great degeneracy in culture, general weakening of the faith, confusion, ideological chaos in the West (willing and/or unwilling) even in the very top of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church,

    2. globalists and banksters funding chaos, political unrest, civil wars all around the world (especially USA and western Europe), the Third World War (Islam in Europe, in Middle East and in Russia, China in middle Asia, probably in Africa and the Pacific, USA fighting chinese land invasion on the West Coast, certainly the Pacific, maybe landing in Europe for the third time, Russia being betrayed by China and losing most or all of Siberia, because China wants a massive asian land empire with siberian natural resources – beyond this general turmoil and some local wars – common war crimes, genocides, use of biological and/or chemical weapons, probable use of unknown superweapons (supposed weather-weapon HAARP, orbital, microwave, sonic, antigravity weapons and alike), almost certain use of nuclear weapons, especially in Spain, Sicily, Greece, Turkey) – about the end of the War will happen the Three Days of Darkness (probably blast of solar storm destroying all of electricity, sunlight fully blocked for 3 days, paranormal demonic terror on whole Earth) and worldwide Illumination of Conscience – all of this resulting in hundreds of millions or even few billions dead, collapse of world economy, frequent massive natural disasters, downfall of tyrannical dictatorships, communisms, democracies and republics,

    3. final end of the freemasonic sects, illuminati, occult secret societies, destruction of their centuries-long conspiracy to enslave all humanity, massive conversions to purified Christianity counted in nations, return of christian, catholic monarchies – with its kings, its emperor and its "angelic pope" renewed true Church of Christ reigns supreme under the Sun – Novus Ordo Seculorum has been defeated.

    And concerning the Antichrist:
    there are few eschatological characteristics, that theologians hold the Antichrist will posses:
    great influence, jewish ethnic descend, male, will cause a historical peace deal (probably in the Middle East, important for the state of Israel), heavly demonically possesed from early childhood, paranormal abilities (flying, pyrokinesis, advanced healing for fake resurrection) and very charismatic.
    Last year or few years ago rabbis of orthodox jews declared that their "messiah" has already been born or made first public appearance, but still hasn't officially revealed himself.
    I honestly personally suspect Jared Kushner or his brother.

    Things are getting real.
    Events of the Book of Revelation, the Apocalypse, will SOON take place.
    So the 21st century may be the last one…

  7. People need to understand this medication orders your own cells to duplicate infection in every organ at one time. This is suppose to trigger immune response. Total assault on the entire body. They immune system is knocked so far people are looking like they have HIV. Your body is at war until… it could be minutes, months, or years. Dr. Carrie Madeaj has lectured on this here on ut.

  8. Haha 175 years? I would make sure the sentence is fulfilled and when I died and started stinking up the place but still have say 130 or so years still left to serve that they are then required to leave me in the cell to finish my sentence..

  9. Trying to force a lot on us for something that has a 99.9% survival rate and avg death age of 82yo ….. What's in this vaccine then?????

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