May 14, 2021


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Wealth Disparity: Expect More Social Unrest

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32 thoughts on “Wealth Disparity: Expect More Social Unrest

  1. I was talking with a groupl of friends saying about the 3% 30 year mortgages, they basically said not way you idiot, no way they would do that. With a quick glance it looks like they are offering about 7.5% fixed for 10 years in Australia, can't really find the exact rates for the uk etc.

  2. Agree that cash buyers should wait. Currently, there is such a real estate frenzy that a cash sale is not as attractive as a slightly higher priced sale contingent on selling a home. Homes sell so fast that sellers are willing to wait a couple extra weeks to get the higher price. This isn’t sustainable. Once interest rates go up more, the stock market goes sideways or down, or forbearance goes away, cash will be king again and there will be a lot of homes to choose from.

  3. An upside down flag means country in distress Neil.. it is one of the flag codes we have inthe United states, what your neighbor is saying is taht he ssees our country in distress.

  4. Hi Neil fantastic vlog I believe the dollar collapse is coming very soon I also think the riots like you said will intensify all over the world I personally would get out of the USA altogether because I think the riots will cover all states if not all when the dollar collapses too many guns there and I think way to dangerous come home mate Steve b 🇬🇧 👍

  5. Neil, my advice would be, LEAVE California!!! Go to one of the more "saner" states. Hate to say this, but find a state you like that leans more towards the right than the left, and one that will allow you to settle in a wooded area if you need to bug out due to civil unrest. It's getting crazy now. Stay away from the inner cities as much as possible!!! We need you to finish your 12 part series too!

  6. Neil, if l were you, DO NOT consider Florida or the Gulf of Mexico area because there is a huge uptick in epic hurricane activity. Even if you are away from the coast, the whole State is affected.

  7. Please interview James Corbett of the Corbett Report. In my opinion, no one has a better understanding of the agenda that underpins all of our current events than he. He is a highly intelligent an perspicacious individual who doesn't put out information unless it's thoroughly researched, sourced and verified first.

  8. 05:30 Oh… you English guys can publish a video about Venezuela's poverty, but about your own countries it's against your humanitarian ideals and values… OMG what a shame, are you fucking kidding me!, but the funny thing its the karma bitch in the capitalist societies

  9. Hello Neil, I just came on to youtube to find your site so I can tell all that you were so right on the Banks in trouble of crashing. Today's news hedge fund crashing and banks are hit hard! Thank you Neil!

  10. To help you understand, a woman was killed, ( a murder and possible rape scenario) by a Metropolitan police officer whom was off duty, so women decided to hold a vigil, the police messed that up big time. and under the guise of covid regulation, a new bill (act of law) that criminalises protest and that bill includes living in a van amongst other things, is in discussion in parliament and this is where and why people are protesting en masse.
    and ofc it is not a good time to be an officer.

  11. Fairplay to you Neil…Best of luck in the US and look after yerself! How about a chat with Lynette Zang…??Reckon you guys would see eye to eye on many levels…

  12. Would you mind sharing with us your reasons for deciding to move to the US? We live in the UK too and are thinking of moving somewhere else in the next couple of years but are unsure where would be a good choice

  13. I've been thinking about buying a foreclosed house but I'm terrified that I might lose my job and won't be able to pay for it. The house payment would be about $200 less than my current rent.

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