April 21, 2021


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Well, That Didn't Go As Planned 😂

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32 thoughts on “Well, That Didn't Go As Planned 😂

  1. I thought you guys said that one of the things wrong with Trump was that he was a businessman. Now your all excited about Bloomberg because he is. Hypocritical much?

  2. 5:05 When these Mainstream Media Turds talk well about a candidate I avoid that individual like the plague. All Bloomberg needs now is for George Soros to come out and put his seal of approval on him and he'll be good to go.

  3. 05:44 Did fan-girl Wolf just piss himself from excitement saying that Bloomberg is richer?

    05:13 Is there anything more irritating than hearing Paul Begala say "ackschully" over and over? He needs a Cher "snap out of it" smack.

  4. Uhh… so Bloomburg's reasoning for taxing the poor more is so they drink less soda……………………. wow.

    And by the way, Democrats – we didn't elect Trump because he's a billionaire. Are you guys really that stupid?

  5. He also doubled his net worth during the crash of 2008? Why did everyone suffer but he made billions? Something smells bad? Why should the poor have any money, they don't know how to use it? That's his type of reasoning

  6. I'm not a billionaire, or even a millionaire by the way. But if a man or woman gives up the things in life to over achieve. That means married, kids, or what ever. One of the things I love about America is that you can achieve your dreams. Liberals don't get this great country, and this is the very thing that President Trump is trying to protect. The American dream is the exact thing the Democrats are trying to destroy.

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