April 10, 2021


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Wests Tigers v Broncos | Round 10 2020 | Telstra Premiership | NRL

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Wests Tigers v Broncos | Round 10 2020 | Telstra Premiership | NRL


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34 thoughts on “Wests Tigers v Broncos | Round 10 2020 | Telstra Premiership | NRL

  1. Its what happens when you have too many 'princes' coming through the elitist special Bronco's Juniors and pay them 500,000 per year before they have even been tested against grown men. Victims of their own 'success'. These big guys spend their youth running over less developed smaller kids, so they never learn the skills they need to defeat their opponent when their opponents are bigger and stronger than them.

  2. The tigers are doing well because their coach isn't afraid to drop senior players & make changes every week.
    If Seibold could do the same, broncos will get better.

  3. Strong prayer for this corona virus press photo now go in to the YouTube channel subscribe and claim your healing then comment below why you have received your healing praise to Jesus Christ love Ron eather western Australian

  4. Sorry for SEIBOLD. remember this team was put together by Wayne BENNET and teflon Paul WHITE.However that doesn;t take away from the problem. Spineless lazy and crybabies

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