March 5, 2021


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“What if you live alone?” Wales puts entire country on two weeks solitary confinement

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43 thoughts on ““What if you live alone?” Wales puts entire country on two weeks solitary confinement

  1. Simple. Announce to the government: WE WILL NEVER COMPLY WITH THAT ORDER! And then back it up by protecting one another from harassment and arrest by moving in large groups and resisting physically at the earliest "police" contact.

  2. Two weeks?! That's nothing! Try living in Melbourne, Australia where we lived like this for months! Lockdown has only just lifted and there still are restrictions. The last time I saw my family was in March. I still can't see them because they live in Queensland and their borders have been closed most of the year. My dad is sick and I can't visit him. My dog had to put down and I couldn't be there with her. My friends got corona and I couldn't help them.

    And yet I'm still not saying I hate my government and that this is communism. We now have been having days with zero new cases all thanks to lockdown. No one is dying, no one else getting sick. It sucks and it's hard but I still say it's better than getting sick and dying.

  3. Our little counties economy is going to collapse… We are all like prisoners here… We have even been told we are not allowed to buy certain items in the superstore… Our government has told all superstores they can only sell essential items… We are not allowed to buy clothes, cutlery, towels, blankets, kettles,, only food alcohol and cigarettes… All non essential items in the shops have all been blocked off so nobody can buy them… I know how the North Koreans and Chinese feel like now….. We told told what we can and can't buy….crazy crazy times here in Wales…

  4. Seems like the West is begging to get overthrown.

    During the summer of 2020 I no longer see my own country USA as legitimate. Once the government showed everyone that they refused to protect citizens from rioters I decided "fine I am no longer a citizen" and I grabbed my Walther P99 and started going everywhere with it. I have no CCW permit and now I don't even see it as legitimate so why would I get it? Before I would have cared but not now.

    When the government starts to enforce insane rules that break your agreement with government then why should you respect any rule they come up with.

  5. My faith is stronger than any pair of panties I can wear on my face.. I will not isolate myself because I have spent time in solitary confinement..for two months straight once it felt like two years ..put me back into that mind set I might end up snapping..
    This fake flu has gone on long enough . Do not comply ..over my dead body I'd rather be dead fighting for freedom than alive during this bullshit.

  6. This virus has been a gift to tyrannical messiah complex ‘leaders’ throughout the world unfortunately. You missed out the fact in wales that shops are being directed not to sell any ‘non essential’ items during the lockdown period, so people do not have the freedom to spend their own money!

  7. Being alone!!!
    This is my reality for years, but these days are getting me more affected.

    So realize how the elders live day by day alone without anyone.

    You think it's hard?
    It is.

    I will be going very soon being free from this evil world.
    I am fed up of this evil world getting crazier and crazier.

  8. At least King Canute knew he could not stop the tide coming in , they still haven’t learnt!
    Sweden is working

    Why is he going against the WHO advice? The original lockdown was a chance to understand the virus and develop strategies to enable the country’s economies to carry on , they have had enough time to do this. Why is he going against the WHO advice?

  9. Living in rural Canada, I've noticed even if I go a few days without talking or seeing anyone. I notice it takes me a bit to snap back into conversations. He's spot on here!

  10. It's ok..I'm from South Wales and I don't people will listen really. I do stuff for my mam and dad most days,right from the start. These people who tell us what to do mean literally nothing to me,so therefore their word means nothing

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