April 20, 2021


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33 thoughts on “What is going on at Pimlico Academy?

  1. School should be for learning and advancing the mind in this country. As an Indian, I am first British and love the flag and proud of it. My brother will be joining the police and so also stands for the flag. The headmaster needs to reverse this action and stand his ground.

  2. Totally agree with you nigel,
    Time to stop BLM.
    Teachers should be sacked if they give in to these idiots.
    Time for British people to stand up and say enough of this, if they don't want the union jack as there flag , that's fine , but don't live here then.
    They won't be happy until they turn Britain into the country were they came from.

  3. When we are trying….hard……for us all to get along as this rears it’s ugly head and 367 so far have given a thumbs down….to my mind they must agree the flag should not be flown. If I personally didn’t like something this badly I would move ! Quite straight forward really. Grow up and appreciate the life you have here in UK. This really does not help racist opinion by going against what is good here. Moan over, please just try to love one another.

  4. We need to put black in the union jack. To show unity and diversity is our strength. Put Karl max in the middle as well because we are tolerant and all that enrichment stuff, think of the food.

  5. Lol black lives matter is a Marxist movement to defund the police. Total nonsense Nigel 😂.

    I'm proudly for black lives matter, proudly british, and support the police in the difficult work they do. But I'm ashamed for almost every word you just said …shameful stuff Nigel.

  6. "That flag over there doesn't reflect who we really are" Yet if someone tells her she's not British I bet she would call them racist. Having it both ways.

  7. Some numpty recently stated that the sight of the Union flag flying was "chilling". I think you need to organise a massive poster campaign with a photo of a British tank flying the Union flag, liberating a French town, and the caption stating CHILLING? How soon these people forget!

  8. The Union Flag is the Flag of the United Kingdom – and it has been for many years. If an immigrant arrives here to live in our country they must respect the flag and our laws. You. do NOT come here and start saying that the flag is not your flag – if you have taken British nationality it is your flag. If you object to that there is only one answer.

  9. Thats ar flag put the militrey in their to teach the ignorant people from outher countrys around the world that if our history isnt for you then wots keeping you hear this is England

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