September 20, 2021


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What is Phuket Like RIGHT NOW??

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39 thoughts on “What is Phuket Like RIGHT NOW??

  1. The reason only 20 Americans will come is because the government's plan is intentionally full of unnecessary restrictions to stop people from coming.

  2. Looks very nice there. I've only been to Phuket for one brief night as I was using the airport there to travel down to Bali after a boat ride from Koh Lanta. I'd be interested (in your future Phuket videos) in seeing more of Phuket and also seeing how the prices for food and hotels compare to Bangkok… and if there is a lot of street foot or stall food or food courts at "locals" prices — or if most of the food available to expat type travelers or long term travelers is limited to more expensive "tourist" food places.

  3. Phuket is dead, absolutely dead and looking like I am legend movie. disgusting thai junta oppressing people and closign down businesses. thai tourism has been dead for 18 months now and for many more to come! i for sure aint going there if they want vaccination, they can shove it up their tight ladybody ass over there!

  4. What test did you do ?? The rapid or the more expensive one ? Was this differentiated at check in or in phuket ???? ( There have been conflicting reports as to what will be accepted ) thanks – welcome to Phuket ( Nai Harn beach is thee best )

  5. Apparently you can catch covid driving a scooter along at 30 mph but you can’t catch it sat eating at a restaurant near other people. This mask wearing has made a mockery of the entire human race, even more ironic is the size of particles that 99.9% of the masks being worn filter is not appropriate for covid. Yet despite all this scientific proven facts we still allow ourselves to be bullied. Think about it, we just all stopped wearing them en mass like what could they do absolutely nothing , that’s what

  6. Be careful on the escalators at Suvarnabhumi. Not sure how it happened, but I stumbled and shattered my ankle in 4 places. I can attest that the medical is very good.

  7. Ah…the Pavillions, my favourite Phuket hotel and I always stay there…thank you for the reminder Chis. Love the channel, see you in Thailand soon I hop ?

  8. Thailand has gone full retard now… wear a mask while driving alone on a motorbike where there are no tourists…. brilliant..

  9. What?!? You know CB media? Ok Thailand must be smaller than I think. Flora and note, Carey, Dana and jib, Mickey, paddy, I CANT WAIT TO VISIT! Hoping dec 1st now. ??????

  10. I just saw earlier today that it's now 14 days minimum stay in the sandbox before going to any other part of Thailand instead of 7 days. Have you heard this? I was planning on going until I saw this update.

  11. Lovely sunset mate, very Chadish. Keep up the good work, the more you post, the more people hopefully will go. Personally, I have my fingers crossed for October. ???

  12. Enjoyed your work trip promoting Phuket Sand Box. Nice camera shots and beautiful pool villa.
    Looking forward to get more detail on the Sandbox. We are still waiting for Thailand to open up without quarantine for our next visit.

  13. Good morning fellow retired guy I’m writing this from the United States, California to be exact. Hoping you can answer me a question, as I’m confused with all the changes the Thai government seems more confused in the United States government. I’m flying into BangkokOn November 7 as it standsI would have to quarantine for two weeks.Could I fly directly from Bangkok to Phuket without a quarantine Bangkok

  14. Gorgeous colours and astounding photography! If we didn’t already have a trip planned (that had been postponed due to covid) we would be planning a trip to Thailand. Thanks for sharing Chris! Looking forward to this series.

  15. What a beautiful sunset Chris!!! ? Thanks for sharing this vlog……would love to head over there with my husband right now but would feel much safer in 2022…Hope you have a fabulous time there and look forward to seeing more of your adventures:)

  16. Direct Flights from LAX to HKT (Phuket) are few and expensive! I only know of Singapore Airlines so far. I have a flight booked for BKK in August but that won’t work for the “Sand Box” initiative right now. Hopefully it may soon. I’m fully vaccinated by the way.

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