April 20, 2021


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What is Pure OCD?

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  1. I stumbled upon this condition a few days ago, never had heard of it before. I had the basic and wrong definition of ocd and it never crossed my mind I might suffer from it. I have suffered from depression and anxiety, ptsd and possibly a burn out (burn out was never officially diagnosed but my therapist thinks so). Throughout my life I've had these "intrusive thoughts", sometimes to an extreme (when I was suicidal) sometimes they were gone and i completely forgot about them. For some time now they have come back in a different manner and I have been feeling so disgusted and dreadful of myself. I have been looking for answers, watching these sort of videos made me realize this may be the answer. Luckily I do not have them in an extreme manner but I have definitely noticed that I have been avoiding myself more because of it. Definitely not what I want. I am so glad I found this video in particular, I will seek out help. Thank you:)

  2. If you have OCD (compulsions and/or intrusive thoughts) do these two things consequently and your compulsions and intrusive thoughts WILL 100% get better or maybe even completely vanish if you do it long enough: Meditate daily (ideally 30-60+ minutes, I recommend Vipassana, which is simply putting your Awareness on your breath) and constantly practice Awareness throughout the entire day. Practicing Awareness means simply observing your thoughts and compulsions in a distanced and detached way. You have to realize that you ARE the observer/the Awareness and not the observed thoughts and compulsions. Do not identify with your thoughts and compulsions and simply observe them from a distance. Intrusive thoughts and compulsions are randomly generated and you have absolutely 0 control over them, but you have the power of being able to ignore them and not worry about them. Fully accept and welcome all thoughts and compulsions, no matter how strange or disturbing they may be. Never feel ashamed, disgusted or shocked, this fuels intrusive thoughts and compulsions immensely. Compulsions and intrusive thoughts thrive on the attention and meaning you give to them. Meditating is gonna be extremely hard at first, but don't be discouraged, it will become easier and easier the more you meditate and practice Awareness. The goal would be to remain in Awareness 24/7, which would make you completely invulnerable to all compulsions and intrusive thoughts.

    Wishing you all the best 😊❤

  3. my therapist recently diagnosed me with ocd and i catch myself having intrusive thoughts even about my diagnosis. like, “what if i tricked her?? why would she think that?? i don’t have any compulsions so this can’t be right.” and so on. so here i am giving into those thoughts and searching for proof that i’m NOT lying and this video really helped.

  4. I’ve suffered from mental health most of my life. I have these thoughts ab the dumbest shit. These can be violent, racist etc. I kno there not me but it’s so real I was throwing up. I may get over one thought but when I do a new one comes and it’s jus a cycle of shit that is so against me and who I am. I see it attacks things you care about or fear becoming and try’s to make you want to become that but you don’t. Who you are is who you decide not ur brain. I still suffer from this badly jus kno ur not alone

  5. When I was in 10th grade in high school (2019), I started having these bad (intrusive) thoughts almost every single day. I was overthinking these thoughts a lot and it kept on coming back many times. It was really bad mentally for me that year and I wanted to talk to someone about it to help me be relieved and be at peace, but I didn’t because I’ve felt uncomfortable talking about it and was worried if I talked to someone about it, they either wouldn’t understand or think I’m weird/bad or think I’m being stupid just for overthinking these thoughts. The thoughts I’ve been having is similar to what the video listed and some of my other thoughts that I had are different too.

    Now the thoughts have gotten better, but I still have it, but not as bad as before. I do have other things like rechecking ( like staring at the oven to make sure it’s all off or unlock and relock the door, but for both it doesn’t take an hour, but it is longer than it needs to be) and kinda worried about germs, like I would wash my hands too much that it would look white and also other things when it comes to thoughts too. I’m not saying I have ocd, but I am thinking to look into a psychiatrist or a therapist.

  6. I have had OCD symptoms as far back as I can remember and got it full-blown when I was about 16. I have pure OCD and these thoughts can be out of control. I wish it was more talked about and made more public so people could understand it more. it is hard to explain your feelings are lying to you but you feel like they're not

  7. Last night i was really happy, relaxed and looking up at my partner. All of a sudden very horrific bad things happened to them in my mind. I shut my eyes closed and wouldn't stop and I started sobbing from it. But I don't hallucinate or hear voices . (Just started constantly talking to myself and being really emotional.. I have to tell myself "its okay, its okay calm the fk down you b***" )….

    I hate my brain for thinking/ seeing such things. But is this pure ocd? I worry if I'm schizophrenic. But I don't hear voices.

  8. OCD is like a serial bully but exists in your own head.First got this when I was like 8 and I thought out of billions of people in the world I was alone and the only one suffering.
    Never been professionally diagnosed but I know what I'm through.My relatives want me diagnosed because they find me strange and not normal but wasn't continued.
    I hope one day I could get out of this hell,it's so exhausting.

  9. This was literally everything I experienced in my childhood (6+) and I told my mom all about it and she just shrugged it off. I still struggle some times but hopefully I’ll be able to talk about it to someone too.

  10. I have trauma induced this. Starting EMDR soon to deal with the roots of it. Free writing helps to get the thoughts out. I find somatic experiencing, getting in my body and out of my head, very helpful too. You can't control your thoughts but you can choose not to obsess over them. One more thing, got a lot out the book The Language of Emotions, helps me work on the emotions under the thoughts. I am not out of the woods but have put in a lot of hard work and seen some good results. Moments of clarity, relief, and some joy here and there. The OCD is the inner critic run amok because of childhood issues, neglect and abuse. It's not you.

  11. Even after being aware of this decease it feels like I'm a horrible person every time its triggered.
    Thank you so much for explaining this whole thing with such kind and soothing voice.

  12. The most frustrating thing is that you cannot disregard the thoughts the same way you choose to ignore some annoying kid near you, because the fact itself that this impulses, statements and suggestions are inside your brain 24/7 makes impossible for you to be 100% sure that it is not a part of you and that you don't want those things. But at the same time, no matter how much they take control, you can still sense that there is a small part of you left that is aware of the truth and is struggling to remain in charge, and it's super frustrating because the more that part fails the more you convince yourself that what this second brain is telling you is true and always has been

  13. i am not officially diagnosed but when i search up on the internet about what my thoughts were doing to me and how anxious i got thinking of them and how they entered my mind even when i tried to mentally swat it away, how i put meaning behind every meaningless thought and felt like my thoughts were facts about me which weren't true (then the questions comes, maybe, what if you were this, what if you are that), i realized it could be OCD but i don't want to self diagnose. i can relate so much with this video. anything triggers me, literally anything and all my mental compulsions make me sick and tired, i feel so damn useless. it's that vast ocean of uncertainty, where you can't distinguish between the real feelings and thoughts and your OCD thoughts. when i opened up about this to a friend online, she has OCD too and she told me that "thoughts are not facts," and that gives me comfort and peace.

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