September 17, 2021


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44 thoughts on “What it means to be PRO-LIFE #shorts

  1. @KdogPrime a family member who turned “moderate” but now votes democrat accused me of not thinking about the kids then born into poverty but was instantly quieted when I reminded them of the work they know I personally do for the Food Bank, Chicks in Crisis, Courage WorldWide, three foster care organizations, etc. Then I reminded them of their government programs. We are PRO Life.

    We fight for the right to live and protect ourselves and others. The left fights to make us rely on the government for everything including what to believe and what to think, what kind of individual prosperity we can achieve, if any, what healthcare to which we may have access, and now, how we travel and the energy we may be allowed to consider to do so all while using the free market system to enrich themselves, get special healthcare, be educated in prestigious schools, travel privately, etc.

  2. I am right of center but I am pro-abortion. I think anyone has the right to choose what kind of life they wish to have. Anyone that is pro-life is inherently pro-big government and theocracy as they are forcing people to live with a choice that your religion has made for them.

  3. I'm prolife but ee have to remember that banning abortion would mean 1mil more mouths yo feed every year, if we don't have things in place to support those kids they will be neglected and end up as criminals. (Speaking jn generalities obviously)

  4. I BELIEVE I CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND SIR. Not much but a little. I think you agreed with the “heart beat” over the “conception” argument. The KJV Bible in Jeremiah 1:5 says, God new us before he formed us in the belly. I venture to say that means before our heart is formed there is a life to know, be it a soul I’m not completely sure.

    All they did, though it is a step in the right direction, is move the imaginary murder line. Murder is murder at 5years or 5seconds. Once 2 DNAs make 1 that is a new life, it may be under developed but so are most Democrats.

    Did I change your mind?

  5. So asking the American citizens to give a piece of their paycheck towards making the nation better is “pointing a gun to their head and forcing them to pay for services you want.” Well I guess you don’t love America then

  6. Im not a good enough person to say life is valuable cuz i feel like alot of the people i hear about just dont deserve it including myself, i guess im pro choice in that sense we do whatever we want and reap the consequences just seems like there arent any consequences right now i hope that changes.

  7. Don't know the full list but husband's cousin in Vietnam. My father in a Destroyer in WW 11 off Okinawa. My father in law in Korea. He spent 27 months 17 days in a Chinese P.O.W. Camp. His first child was two before she saw him. Went in at 180 pounds and came out weighing 82.

  8. I disagree. I am pro choice.
    I don't want to debate when life starts, however what I do think is correct is the right to life. Forcing you to use your body to keep someone else (the fetus) alive is a violation of the human rights, and I agree with that statement. The fetus is using your body to live. Now, I am not a woman, but I can only imagine a tenth of the struggles of a pregnancy. Birth control is there and it works, however, control as much as you want, but pregnancies will always have a chance of happening.

    So yes, I am for safe, privatized and legal abortion.

  9. Those programs are essentially to promote comfort of life, not to sustain life. You have no right to comfort, only the right to pursue comfort if that’s what makes you happy.

  10. Its entirely wrong to invite another soul to this world and not care for that soul that is vulnerable. On the other hand, to enjoin the state which is a violent criminal gang, to enforce your beliefs on others with the threat of violence and imprisonment is also wrong. Quite the conundrum ay?

  11. idk man if you're forcing ppl to have pregnancies they don't want, and don't think it's worth subsidizing institutions that can make said life worth living (schools, extended maternity and paternity leaves, etc), then you're just pro bullshit and not life. i have a lot of bones to pick w/ leftism but this ain't it lol

  12. The right is starting to do the same thing with masks and vaccines compared to “my body, my choice”. If it’s a weak argument on the left, it’s a weak argument on the right.

  13. As many terrorists that are running loose through the country now and antifa and black lives matter starting to use guns shooting people nobody's going to allow us to lose our guns The new world order is now in our government but we won't fall like Australia did in 3 days We will never fall to these tyrants One day we will move them off the face of the planet

  14. How do you compare a baby’s life to some government aid? Again it’s a baby that breathes, has a heartbeat, moves its arms and legs and head the other is an inanimate object that you receive.

  15. My body my choice should become replaced with my body, my responsibility.
    If you (women) have the sole authority over YOUR body, then Men should too. What I mean by that is, in pro-abortion States, Men should have a Legal Right to abandon any woman who bears their child, and nobody should be entitled to ANY Child Support Payments 😉
    Maybe we have to go an extra mile just to put people back on the pro-life side of the fence because a clause like that would cause MASSIVE UPROAR for ALL WOMEN & FATHERS whether you're pro-abortion or not. Just think..
    Would you look your expecting daughter in the eyes and tell her this is "her body, and her responsibility" and completely ignore the fact any man can knock her up and walk away anytime they want and be completely above reproach?

  16. The ol' "if I have a baby, I want you to pay for it" argument. Look, if I ain't makin it, it's not my responsibility (unless their are extreme circumstances, and it's my personal choice)

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