September 25, 2021


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What Michael Gove Isn't Telling You About Health Passports

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42 thoughts on “What Michael Gove Isn't Telling You About Health Passports

  1. Businesses are allowed to deny service based on private medical status.

    How do people get food unless inoculated with their drugs?

    What is medical apartheid?
    Forced scientific experimentation.

  2. Michael Gove is a traitor. He did not tell the truth about the fishing. Deal he goes missing and then come back and say things dident work out the way they were surpose to. Really don't trust he for all his barney is a remainder and will do things to mess up all deals. Needs to be got rid of sap before he does more damage.

  3. How many hours after these health passports released can we buy fakes on Amazon?
    How will a pub landlord know a fake?
    Will they pass a law which makes it mandatory to have a good battery in the phone you don't have?

  4. WRONG! BJ said quiet clearly a few days ago that two vaccinated people can’t be together in one room as they are not totally immune, so please don’t say they have immunity. The BS from govn and MSM should stop altogether.

  5. Why do people think you will get immunity from the jab? They have told us that you can still get Covid and transmit it!! Chris Whitty said that it's "leaky" and you still need to social distance and mask up! It means if you get it you will get lesser symptoms! Vaccine passports are a waste of time and money! They should never be considered! And if people vaccinated or not are afraid of the real world, stay in!!

  6. Having the jab does not make you immune/
    The jab supposed to not make it as severe but you can still catch it and pass it on/
    The jab does not work on all variants of this virus /
    To me this makes a passport useless

  7. Regarding the 'jabs' and immunity; The government has said the vaccination will not protect us from getting the virus, nor from infecting others with it. The 'jab' will only reduce symptoms…

  8. The lib/dems are not against the passport, they are using it to get what they want from the govt (horse trading), they will vote for it as soon as Boris promises them what they want. They are whores playing the oldest game around.

  9. Noone wants them. You can be discriminated by employers and people which could result in increased mental problems and people losing jobs. Our body our choice. Our health is our business and not anyone else to see. It is a confidential matter not to their for anyone to see. I would sue anyone and i'm sure others will as well. We have our human rights and liberties.

  10. Its how the information will be used on these passports by governments who collect all this data.and its discriminating against those who cannot have the jab due to Health conditions What happens here people will be made to stay at home not acceptable under the Human Rights Act pluse the fact that they are totally illegal under the Nuremberg Code Whats Next being forced to wear a yellow star if you do not comply with the governments illegal Agenda and put in prison camps stand up and protest against these illegal vaccine passports before its to late if you don't think this can happen look back to Nazi Germany its the same thing DONT EXCEPT THEM..fight for your FREEDOM.

  11. Can you report on what the ingredients are, inside of the vaccination? How many times they've been taken to court? Why there is no liability for side effects, including death?

  12. This is discrimination full stop. I do not need to prove I'm healthy unless I'm donating blood or going to work in an environment where you must meet a certain criteria of fitness. Apart from that it's discrimination imo. I have not been jabbed and I've no intention of doing so because despite the claim of exposure by the MSM I'm fortunate not to have contracted the virus. As for Tony Bliar. He should be in jail in Iraq.

  13. Immune passports are like China social credit score! On one hand Mahyar you soooo much criticise bad practise of communists but at the same time you see no problem Brits being forced to take experimental gene therapy becose that's what it is( it's NOT vaccine) to be able to go and drink beer in a pub. You are NOT freedom defender. You are phony as hell!

  14. When this disease mutates and we can’t get a jab for it that’s when you will say the government is crap and we should have passports. To stop this from becoming a mass population killer something needs to be done.

  15. The problem of Identity Cards in the UK is concern about the amount of information held on individuals. The Identity Cards Act of 2006 (repealed in 2011) was brought in by the Labour government under Tony Blair. It created the National Identity Register (NIR) and the Act specified FIFTY categories on information which the NIR could hold on each citizen. The concern was that this information was accessible by all manner of people – including virtually every nosey employee of local councils.
    I suspect that, if the government had created a system where just an individuals name, date of birth and photograph was recorded, and nothing else, then it would probably be acceptable.

  16. If the vaccine stops you from passing on the virus then I can understand having a passport but my understanding is that all the vaccine will do is prevent most of us from dying or greatly reduce the severity of the disease? Therefore, having a passport is not a ticket for stopping the spread of the virus. You will still get it and can pass it on even with having the vaccine? Passport not necessary then? Can’t compare with yellow fever! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ please correct me if I’m wrong! 🤔🤔

  17. In the end this intrusion into our private lives will boil down to ID2020. This is where we no longer have private lives. Onfido and companies like it, will flood the country with facial recognition cameras and if linked to the HNS medical tyranny or any other government requirement that robs us of our liberties they will be used to digitally punish us. Every day we become more like China.

  18. The vaccines do not confer immunity only reduce symptoms, especially severe ones that lead to hospitalization and only for 80% of the most vulnerable elderly.. At best they prevent 70+ % of transmission so prevention of future major outbreaks depends on herd immunity being achieved and this is unlikely given the rate of mutation – nine in the USA alone – some of which will escape the vaccines.

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