October 23, 2021


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What People Get Wrong About Leadership

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35 thoughts on “What People Get Wrong About Leadership

  1. The first few sentences are only true if you’re part of the system that includes the British with money. There’s people who used to do things without having a system of money and those people still exist they’re just route you don’t know of. Armenians have money but most of the ones that I’ve met are extremely aggressive people which is not really my type of person I like nice

  2. This is why I will never go anywhere else! It's absolutely amazing! We are leaders and we flag carry for each other.

    It's not about just me winning. It's about who's winning AROUND ME.

  3. I love what your doing Pat and you have done something already that will go on in history I don't care about money I care about having a good life for my family God 🙏 to you and how long until the Sit-down can't wait like Kanye West said History in the making man have a great day and peace and love to everyone from England Thanks Patrick Big Respect 💯

  4. 1:00
    If the people around you not getting value, you are not a good leader.
    People need to win around you.
    Say to your people I want you to gain so much digestible knowledge as possible
    Help your kids do what they want, and tell them I will help you as long as you achieve results
    It's not about you winning, make the arounds around you win, so It will be efficent

  5. It’s hard to lead when things haven’t happened yet. But keep progressing with whatever it takes to do so. And if it works you will be crowned a great leader- but if it doesn’t they won’t see you as one. It’s crazy.

  6. Mother son of a gun I love you Pat. Great speech and I had to Listen to it twice to engrave it into my brain. Hoping to hear a two hour video of your speech and put it on repeat in my car everyday

  7. You are saying the opposite of what your company PHP does : As soon as they recruit someone, they put them through a presentation to try to sell them an IUL under the disguise that they are training them, and if they don't buy, they put them aside and don't bother to keep them and let them fade away…

  8. you got me emotional, as thou you are speaking as a true king, which God has given the power to put a smile in the heart humanity….i have watch you clips for a while now…..but please do not forget the blacks in you space…..your definition of a leader is what you have expressed…….

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