41 thoughts on “What They Don’t Want You To Know About Covid-19 Part 2 Episode 1”
  1. Doctor Buttar. Thank you for bringing this info to us. I would think they would have already quieted you by any means necessary because of your publicly talking about this. I feel there should be a TV Broadcast with medical practitioners across the board discussing this matter. Will Doctor Anthony and the President, etc. interview with you?

  2. This is a serious question about a thought that led to a question about
    the flu … Influenza is a viruse and I'm wondering why they cant just give the population Hyroxycloroquine before the start of every flu season ?
    President Donald John Trump is a true Patriot who loves his country !!
    I personally think the man is the most transparent and totally honest president in my lifetime … I believe he's a genius who's figured out how to use the Democrat Party's Play book to counter every move they make … Major Change is in the very
    near future ✝️ 🇺🇲 🦅 🗽 💰
    California, USA 🇺🇸

  3. It's all about the resonant frequencies of cells and organs …I can tell you that I have worked with
    Microwave Energy Pulses that can
    Make a Sky Scraper vibrate continuously increasing in intensity until it shatters the windows and callapses the building muck like it was demolished Proffessionally !!
    They can turn Cement into Dust with the same technology … Here's the KICKER … JIVE JEEEE at sixty Gig a hurts cauae the Read Bludd sell to eject it's ox a gen receptor causing the bludd sell to seal itself removing any abilty for the sell to
    Tayk on ox a general … This causes the body to react exactly like it reacts to the Karona vy russ …
    It creates the same type of Hpyoxic Damage to the lungs, the brain, and other organs, muscles and tissue !!
    Take the flouride out if the water and put Quinine or Hydroxychloraquine into it instaed

  4. Asi es este RNA VIRAL tendra serias consecuencias al ser introducido en el ser humano atravez de la vacunacion contra el COVID-19…ya que secuestra y altera la produccion de mas de 200,000 procesos bioquimicos dentro de la celula

  5. I dont like Fauci. Every time I hear about or see him it just seems likes he's this actor or puppet for a fear based COVID agenda. Always all these staggering projections but no solid proof to back any of them up.

  6. Watching from St. Louis, Missouri. Thank you Doctor. I gotta save this for later and learn some terms cause what he's talking about is wayy over my head. I'd love to learn though and he's good at explaining it. The Russian study on 5mm 60hz frequency is enough for me to go on. Much appreciated!

  7. The amount of people in this comment section is horrifying, saying that masks are only there to produce evil. Masks stop transmission of bodily fluid from the nose and moth from affecting other people therefore not spreading the disease. The mask doesn’t stop you from getting the disease, it stops you from spreading it. The disease is highly contagious and there is currently no vaccine. I am aware that not everyone in the government has a clean slate but holy shit with the amount of conspiracies you guys believe, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the people here are anti-vaccine.

  8. Your channel has been reported for violating 18 U.S. Code § 1035.False statements relating to health care matters.

    Your channel has been reported for violating the YouTube terms of service. Please do not use YouTube to spread medical misinformation.

  9. It's called critical thinking. Anyone that goes directly to conspiracy is just lazy, complacent, a conformist instead of a moralist doing what's right in the face of tyranny… Quarinten is for sick people, for healthy people it's Tyranny.

  10. You'd be surprised how many people of knowing the truth and they're getting very riledall we could do is tap in to God and ask him the true way to pray and ask him to instill his power the good supernatural the positive supernatural power in US !!!! Amen !!!!!!

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