October 17, 2021


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What They Never Tell You About Inflation…

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36 thoughts on “What They Never Tell You About Inflation…

  1. This guy will be pumping gold for another 10 years as the stock market and bitcoin are able to successfully respond to the endless money printing while gold can’t get out of bed. Someone needs to take this guy to task. I AM A GOLD BUG and feel like I’ve made the worst investment decision buying it. There’s nothing that will change your minds. It like a cult at this point. Gold can be $1800 ten years from now and this guy will still be talking about “last time to load up before takeoff” which never comes. I have no respect for anyone coming back with “just wait….this time it’s really really going to takeoff” why?? Because you are an idiot who believes in the gold tooth fairy ??

  2. For a delightful view of the Post-Federal Reserve Era, check out my new novella that takes a peek at the world in the year 2121. It is titled "WHAT WORLD IS THIS? A Tale of Hope for a World Mired in Debt and Delusion." — Diana McGinnis

  3. I have a question. When the currency called the Federal Reserve Note collapses ..and hyper-inflation begins or a reset occurs ..if I owe 30,000 Canadian ..will my loan be recalculated upwards ? Or does it remain the same as I agreed to at the start ? Is it locked in or has some provision been hidden up their sleeve to catch us on the blindside ?

  4. I was saving some US currency for travel but, that isn't going to happen anytime soon (especially since i REFUSE to get jabbed and/or even get the brain tickler test) so… I went and bought some more Ag at a pretty good rate. I feel better now

  5. The miners are about to explode to the upside just wait the government will shut down bitcoin and other crypto transactions it’s coming I don’t know how long it’s gonna take but it’s coming in the minors are going to explode

  6. What is Hyperinflation ? Is it between Great Depression and Inflation or what ? I don't recall that word in Macro- Economics 201 I studied 2014 – 2015 . There are new Economics Words I have never heard in my 4 Economics I studied in College. Maybe I forgot these Words , I am going to reread my books .

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  8. Thanks Mike and team….l love your shows and you have educated me so much….My question for u is this, What would your idea be for registered monies, RRSP, LIRA in Canada? I want to get it out. I was thinking turning it into stored gold/silver at a gold/silver retailer here in Canada. Or i was thinking of cashing out my RRSPs, pay the 30% penalty and turn it into a TSFA buy physical and have on hand….Im struggling to figure this one out…..Thanks for everything

  9. Ronni, nur ein Österreicher kann Deutschland führen. Du und der Terminator müssen uns in die sozialistische Zukunft geleiten.
    Gruß ins Rote Wien aus der Reichshauptstadt!

  10. Why dose gold goes up or down in tandem with the stock market? So if the stock market crashed, gold will probably follow. It seems gold always takes the lead ahead of what the market does. If gold goes down, market goes down. That’s what has been happening for almost the entire 2021. So it’s there to protect your wealth or hedge from inflation. But it really seems it goes together with the stock market

  11. i wonder how long it will be before we get stuck holding fiat dollar currency and have to turn it in for .50 on the dollar. i loved it MIke, when you said, "currencies are just numbers that they type."

  12. There is one problem with this analysis. He is saying at some point in the future YYC and purchasing of equities will need to be done… from what I have ready, heard, seen, the FED is already doing these things and have been for months. What am I missing?

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