June 17, 2021


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WHAT!? U.S. Embassies Fly BLM Flags To Show American 'VALUES' | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 788

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33 thoughts on “WHAT!? U.S. Embassies Fly BLM Flags To Show American 'VALUES' | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 788

  1. What a total disgrace!
    That organization has done NOTHING to help the black community; instead pushing rioting, looting, burning black-owned businesses to the ground, advocating attacks on police, and causing severe division within the US. Meanwhile, the now disgraced co-founder stole an unknown number of millions of dollars from the organization in order to enrich herself, and her family.
    Great message for all of those around the world who are actually paying attention. The US under Mindless Joe has become a weak, feckless, directionless nation whose leaders are doing everything they can to undermine America's core heritage, history and values.
    What a total disgrace!

  2. Nor did I ever hear them talk about making sure those at the border get vax before coming in!
    But day after day all we hear is the bribing and brainwashing of trying to Push everyone to get that vax poison, they are going all out offering money, free travel, free lap dances, etc., but NOT once did I ever hear them mention anything about immigrants needing to get it!

  3. ….wait 20:54 wait wait is that not clearly chroma editing???? I mean I'm just a nobody content creator myself but I do edit my own content and I have to say that is MY OWN kinda editing but in a very different context… But it would end up intentional but that looks unintentional here… Is that 'reporter' not just applied to a background of some corner of some town… With added 'bangs' ??? I could easily remake that and do it well

  4. What we have today is a venomously Treasonous Idiocracy, they are the domestic enemies who serve the interests of our foreign enemies, and I took an oath five decades ago to defend the United States 🇺🇸 from such EVIL

  5. There was no cell phone or car traffic activity in the Wuhan lab for the 2nd part of October of 2019. The 1st cases were in September. And when they realized what happened, they tried to make it look like it came from a bat. They injected the bats with a bio-weapon virus. Then closed wuhan, sent ccp officials all over the world,while buying up all the PPE. They have declared war by unleashing a weaponized virus on US accidentally or on purpose doesn't matter. They purposefully covered it up, censored information about everything, (ivermectin and hydroxquloroquin benefits), lied to us, and killed millions. With the money we work for, we paid for it. We bankrolled our own disaster. And a lot of our 'trusted' Leader's Helped. We better start paying a lot more attention ! Our lives depend on it!

  6. This is no different than flying an ISIS flag, BLM is a domestic terror organization, only unlike ANTIFA, they operate out in the open and are financed through a MSM propaganda campaign that federal agencies are actually supporting also. This is along the lines of a coup, only the military isn’t starting it, the US State Dept is.

  7. The left can't experience remorse! Their emotions are shut off. Why do think they started with killing babies? Because you have to shut down the brain to accept killing innocent babies.

  8. Maybe the left is purposely discrediting America for that exact reason. So that the CCP can continue the genocide. So that Terrorism can be "normalized". Remember: EVERYTHING the Radical Left does always has nefarious intentions. They are the World Leaders of Corruption.

  9. Our government is in accordance with a communist organization which 'claims' to care about black lives as a disguise. What does this say about our government. C'mon man! America you must wake up and destroy this communist monster within our country.

  10. Prayers From Iceland. Us icelandic are homogeneous so I don't understand America's issues but my people will continue to pray for Americans.

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