October 17, 2021


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What would happen if Russia collapsed?

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45 thoughts on “What would happen if Russia collapsed?

  1. No one wants Russia to collapse simply because of the thousands of nukes that they have. And add that with thousands of rocket scientists and nuclear scientists who would be jobless and become "mercenaries" for less friendly organisations. Russian military officers can be notoriously corrupt and I mean that with no disrespect. A simple study of history can prove that. Now imagine when there is no system to keep them in check, their military officers will no doubt sell their nuclear warheads and missiles to the highest bidder. This is why the West went very easy on Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They were worried all those weapons and expertise would end up in the wrong hands.

  2. The Kremlin's treatment of Navalny is "controversial"? How about downright evil? Does anyone doubt that Navalny was poisoned by the Russian government? After so many poisonings and murders of people opposed to Putin's regime, can ANYONE refute the logical conclusion that Putin is a murderer and that his regime is illegitimate?

  3. As a neighbor I would like to see developed Russia, but one which is democratic and not in constant conflict mode. Don't care too much about united aspect, if it stays safe.

  4. Look I really like this channel, but for the first time I feel the images are not well linked to the narratives, mainly at the begining… many thanks anyway for the content shared here always. I wish the best for the channel's future…

  5. Video is like 70% ok 30% bullshit, comment section is laughably biased and one-dimensional.

    >What would happen?

    Regional balkanization. There are ethnic borders in russia, major in republics and lesser in oblasts. We were, after all, bunch of tribes conquered by russian tsardom and further empire. Every region has its own history, flag, crest, ethnos. We can go as small as city states if we want to. Our core is in Novgorod and Moscow i guess, everything else will split into minor factions like EU. Decentralized government, constant strife and interest conflicts, will we allow other countries to come and enforce their foreign culture onto us, or will we fight tooth and nail, divided but in union? I wonder. We may become someone's paid colonies too.

    >Every time libcucks are in power, country collapses


    >Navalny's poisoning
    Oh bitch please, its a hybrid warfare from UKUS. Anglos love masturbating to their conceived novichok coolstories. Populists talking about everything good against all evil ruined the state in 1917, populists talking about everything good against all evil ruined the state in 1991. Both times these goody-two-shoes spiritual leader parties became tyrants. Now we get a populist talking about everything good against all evil that get sudden support from collective westoids. Never forgetti.

    >Scary spooky Putler threatening the world peace
    Actually, its the capitalism that is at fault. Union's collapse made it possible for ex-party officials, bankers, landowners to agressively gain power and assets, which eventually became the oligarchy. You think Putin is the reason? Look further, look deeper in this abyss. Once Putin is gone, once ER is gone, there will be more cancerous parties to gain power, no idea who is alleged to whom. Won't be surprised if all those meme assasinations of the opposition was done by oligarchs because current regime allowed them to deal business in a better way. You think US swamp is deep? You never seen our swamp. Its not about politicians, its about the deep pockets of oligarchs. The difference is that while politicans in charge are not degerates, we are not becoming failed state like Ukraine or Moldova.

    >"Democracy is good" meme

    Most laughable shit i've seen lately. We already get to the point of the argument where "Democracy is great, its just wasnt implemented properly!" is somehow valid pov. Communism, anyone? Especially when democratic countries in last 10 years were shooting themselves in a foot and constantily demeaning their own sovereignity, trading their national values for votes of degenerate majority. I, personally, want my country to be an utilitarian monarchy. Not that meme monarchist bullshit that is currently being paraded in Russia by some marginals, but a proper monarchy by merit. Fuck the electivity and powerfluctancy, it only does the worst. Officials promise you some vaporware that is impossible to do in 4 years, bait you into re-election, then do nothing but following their own desires. There is no such thing as power of the people. Ochlocracy is dead concept. Leaders exist to rule over the people, and there are always big players above those so-called "leaders", hiding in the dark, until the truly strong leader will hang them all and consolidate the power. "People" in question are nothing but plebs under the rule of the one. Thinking about leaders being controlled by the slaves is nothing but a slave's dream. Not even talking about current capitalism and what it led us all to.

    >Western block does everything for the russian people, its only against its leaders, not people! I swear!

    Ah yes, treating us like slaves working on excavating russian resources for their economy is such a gift, i would totally feel free under their rule! Holy shit its such a hypocrite statement. Imagine other country caring for foregin people over their own. Looks feasible, right? Right? I say let it all burn. Lets start WW3 to see who owns who, motherfuckers. Our libcucks blind faith in the empty promises of all those rats is disdainful. In 90s it was a sweet dream, but it went nowhere. In 00s, we again getting baited by the sweet dream perspectives, yet to fail to achieve anything. 2010s, same shit over and over and over again. Nowadays its such a blatant anti-russian agenda, that seeing this bullshit being said as some real, altruistic stuff is simply cringe.

    MUH FREEDOM, MUH HUMAN RIGHTS, MUH ECONOMY, MUH RESPECT – small price for all this is that you give up your national unity, ideas, and become someone's puppet bitch. Its not even guaranteed, but the price stays the same. Trade your soul for questionable gains. Just let it all burn in the nuclear fire and ashes, honestly.

    >Boohoo Russia is a bad country, Putin is bad, boohoo poor Navalny, i stuggle to live in here

    Position of the entitled manchild. You know, all those idiots talking about need for a change, MUH RESOURCES crying, everything being in decline and corrupt…they never actually do shit. They are children, believeing in a brightest future that this country is simply uncabable of giving. They demand shit, but don't do anything to up the level, to make it possible to demand any results. It's the reason why our contry is in the perpetual cycle of never-ending enthropy. People demand shit, asking for a pipe dream, ruin the current more or less working system in the hope of a change, but only doing worse. Why do you think Navalny made such a resonance in public of those degenerates? He promised a vaporware. He is simply nobody in terms of political power, leader of local ruffains, standing on the road and robbing you. If you are weak, you get robbed. If you are strong, you smash him and never look back at this fucking worm. But hey, if you are being promised of quick and dirty getting rich and happy, why not join the bandit? You will eventually get smashed, but you will probably say "worth it" on the last breath.

    Fucking clown world, i swear. We are really moving towards WW3, this world desperately needs a full reset.

  6. When Russia is strong and prosperous then Europe, Westasia, US, Central Asia, China and India will too. The world needs Mother Russia and Mother Russia needs the world.

  7. Ironically, the greatest safeguard against the nation of Russia disappearing altogether would be competing international interests, as other global superpowers attempt to maneuver and prevent their rivals from gaining land, people, and possibly nuclear weapons.

  8. "Russia has no internal natural borders" That's far from true. Shrivan sees mountains as borders, but mountains are more usually retreat and nation forming areas, not borders. Rivers are the true natural borders as it can obviously be seen by looking at any map. Volga, Kama, Ob are great natural borders.

  9. Turkey is already building a full scale military base in Azerbaijan. Poland is already playing the major role in supporting Belarus resistance against Lukashenko dictatorship. Chinese influence in Russian far-east is a well known fact.I suppose, Russia is already collapsing.

  10. Serbia would be in total colapse from sanctions, western puppets and USA from debt due to possible joining to NATO and being a US slave which would enrage everyone in Serbia, because they would lose Vojvodina and KosMet, and most likely they will revolt and kill the western puppet and instaling their own which they like, now here comes the long part: The west would invade and Serbia are going to use guerilla fighting for over 100 years to return their lands under leadership they like, because they just will not give up till everyone of them gets killed fighting for their country.

  11. To me the US has a much higher chance of collapse than Russia. Continued riots in the streets and real social issues that now divide the country. Russia seems much more unified than the US's multicultural mess. And far less Russians are willing to go to the west than before.

  12. Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it. Really, oh America wanted to sell to China ! See how that turned out. What's between Europe and China ? Can't be Russia, can it ?

  13. Imagine a bear in a circus. He goes up an unbalanced construction of cones, balls, etc, on which 'economy' is written. On reaching the top, he makes a threateing pose.
    Then he falls. Than it goes all over. #yolo

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