September 25, 2021


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What You Can Learn From Netflix

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31 thoughts on “What You Can Learn From Netflix

  1. Yeah Netflix best brand in the world worst business model. What we can learn from all successful innovations is from their mistakes not only their successes. NETFLIX MAKE 100's of MILLIONS but have to spend billions to do so, the quality of their content is on rapid decline and their offers to producers and content creators are now driving them to their own innovation. Netflix has another 5 maybe 7 years tops befor the wheels fall off and reality hits. That debt financing is not clever when you're not producing the best products and all your licences have expired.

  2. Buy your own stock back, to inflate your value, that’s what I learn from Netflix. Their content is very limited, and political correct, so boring.

    Never the less, the message Pat is bringing is absolutely true!

  3. Well Netflix … is full of incompetent people who should be fired. How can you explain that you are FORCED to see videos in the overview / collection pages even if you marked them with "thumb down"? What do you think of people who like to let you see something which you explicitly dislike? Are they sadistic? Sociopathic? Thoughtless? Reckless? Or simply incompetent? Think about this …

  4. This is true. You have to change your attitude so everyone know that now you are different. Now (for example) you have a business mindset and all the friends and relatives will change their attitude towards you and fit to this "new soul"

  5. Having worked as an engineer for 25 years, I chose to walk another path. It isn't easy. I sold my house (don't have a family, so nobody's bugging me there) to buy me some freedom of choice. Seen a shitload of coaches and therapists (due to fucked up childhood, toxic parenting) and although PBD doesn't seem my kind of person (He'll probably find me a softie) I can't but admit that his reflections/advice have been more valuable to me than any therapist or coach so far.
    I wish I'd had a father like him….

  6. You are so right!

    The friends that you where with 10 years ago…. don't recognize you 5 years later.

    Because you are rich now.

    It's not even personal anymore…. IT'S BUSINESS 😎


  7. Netflix adopted to the changing technology because they knew they weren't in the DVD rental business, but the business of entertaining their customers.
    Kodak failed to realise that they weren't in the camera roll business but the business of capturing the memories of loved ones (at least for their non-commercial clients). If they had kept that in mind, they would be somewhere else today. If Nokia had kept in mind that they were in the business of making devices that helped connect people to each other instead of the business of building tank like phones, they would be somewhere else. I mean, sure rock like phone comes in handy in a fight, but the job of a phone is not to be a weapon, but to connect people. What's ironic is that Nokia's slogan itself was 'Connecting People' and they still missed it.
    That's why you need to focus on your customers and focus on solving their problems. Competitors come and go, the technology with which you deliver your product or service may change, but one thing will never change, that is your customers will always be there.
    So, focus on your customers.

  8. I am experiencing the same kind of breakthrough right now. It's all because of you.
    Thank you, Pat.

    If you didn't exist, I won't, either.
    I am You. I want to take over the world, too.
    I understand you, Pat.
    I studied myself and You for years.

    We have a lot in common.
    Born outside of the US, Lived like a Broke, Felt like a powerful man, Stubborn Mindset, Got Bullied by Big Guys, Gangster lover, Storyteller, Curious Man, Fought the battle with his mind, etc, etc.

    Nobody knows me right now.
    I believe they'll be in the future.
    I mean, if I didn't die in the meantime.
    I faced death so many times in my life.
    This time is the worst.

    I am fighting 3 Goliaths at the same time right now.
    My Mind, Covid, And the People I love.
    I might die or go crazy.
    I don't know for sure.
    Only God will know.

    I wish I meet you in this life, Pat.
    I am trying to make this dream comes true no matter what.
    I love you, man.
    You are a good man.
    You have a good will & a good heart.
    I believe your parents would be so proud of you.
    Your next generations and the whole world would.

    Let me assure you of the most important thing.
    I am You, a good version of You.
    I am your trainee.
    I am your friend.
    I am not your enemy.
    I know there are bad versions of you.

    You already know how dangerous I am if you really know about yourself.
    Sometimes, I am afraid of myself.
    So, I understand how dangerous you are, too.
    I won't play games with you, Pat.
    I am a man of my words.

    I am crazy. Guest what? The whole world is crazy and beautiful at the same time.
    Don't worry. I am in the driver's seat now.
    It's all under my control.
    I won't harm you.
    I adore you.
    Let me try harder until I met you, man.

    Shiny objects don't matter for the guys like us.
    Relationships, Power, Influence.
    Those matter to us.

    I might be wrong.
    It's okay.
    It's totally cool if I made a mistake here.
    Guys like us don't care about mistakes.
    We only care about results.

    Have a great week, Pat and his team.
    Bye Bye

  9. Just buy a Bitcoin. Anybody that says physical assets are better than digital assets would obviously invest in Blockbuster over Netflix. It is the only defense against inflation and it is digital property.

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