March 5, 2021


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What's driving Viral Hysteria? UNMISSABLE mainstream news clip explains 😳

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38 thoughts on “What's driving Viral Hysteria? UNMISSABLE mainstream news clip explains 😳

  1. Really Ivor, I expected better from you. What a bunch of irrational right wing sensationalism. Ad hominum slurs, 'the commis are under your bed' and other nonsense. And could there be a possibility that our consumer society isn't very sustainable?

  2. Swabb: "A Marvel comics whack job..". Made me laugh. I've seen this piece from elsewhere and it's an accurate commentary on the WEF agenda. Just go to the WEF website and it's all there. Including how by 2030 nobody will own property and "we'll be happy". It's a worrying progression towards corporate oligarchy directing global government policies. Is the Davos convention going ahead this January? It will be interesting to see. Who needs conspiracy theorists when you have this.

  3. Bongo showed up in Dáil Éireann (Irish parliament) around a year back to preach to the elected politicians. So many of them wanted "Selfies" with him even though photography is not allowed in the Dáil. Sickening. So you can only imagine how political delegates behave when on their Junkets to Davos mixing with the rich and famous. Spineless idiots that happen to have control over your freedom.

  4. the world got on board with those bloody whirly light bulbs & the recycling/upcycling & eating less meat & green taxes & going electric & banking bail outs & for what & who?
    light bulb zillionaires shipping waste selling soya junk green crap lifestyle, what's next for the FTSEshiters?
    a rampant virus
    masks sanitizer vaccinating ventilator making billionaires hyperventilating on the gazillions public money
    yes there's climate change but we're out of change with this economic meltdown, elected? heathens is what they are

  5. Huge corporations responsible for inexorably pushing the decline of our environment for the sake of their profits…and now they want to enlist / coerce / convince human populations to give up all our human rights and freedoms to support their vision of a solution. No thanks.

  6. Total bullpuckey. This propaganda should be investigated. If anyone is causing worldwide problems it is the Right-wing Fascists attempting to take over the world. They tried it in the United States through that Buffoon Trump but Americans rejected Fascism, for now, right-wing Fascism must be defeated around the globe.

  7. Schwab says "…….global reset is forward looking and takes into account those that are left behind" 5.36 minutes into this video. What the hell does this mean?…….a massive depopulation coming????


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