October 17, 2021


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What's Really Behind the War on Home Ownership?

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24 thoughts on “What's Really Behind the War on Home Ownership?

  1. What is actually under attack is the status, the very concept of, the individual as sovereign; home ownership is one of the clearest articulations of individual aspiration. This figure is the prime target of those who are engaged in the current attack on liberty and the construction of global collectivism.

  2. Well in the next 10 years I'm going to be 50 years old. I do t have children. I don't know where the labor is going to come from to cover this demographic and spiritual shift. I'm hoarding gold and silver coins for bartering.

  3. Huh… I buy the same product as Stacy here in Canada and depending on what store you visit? They went from $10 to $12 or as high as $14. I would also like to add that I have a contact in the international food trade and he thinks prices are going to skyrocket due to shipping container costs going from $3500 to $14,000

  4. Wait so what is it…They're going to see gains from the houses or they'll have to be bailed out due to crashing prices??

    You're part of the problem, scaring people away from buying a home because of this mystical "housing market crash" that's simply never actually going to manifest. They will be waiting and waiting and waiting until they're eventually priced out forever.

  5. Been living in the Mountains of Central Montana for 45 years now. All of the sudden I am surrounded by City people without a clue. So now I am completely paid for. And property is selling around me for $500k +. I have been approached to sell twice now. Kinda funny how I bought this Property for $46000 in 1976. Nobody wanted to live out here then and today they are going nutz to move here. So now I await the Financial Collapse so I can pickup property around me for Tax Deeds. The Counties will assume ownership once the Banks fail. They aren’t in the business of Property ownership instead the Taxes are what they want.

  6. You just can't blame Blackrock. Thats BS! How many of you are flippers, who buy homes cheap, paint the crap holes an then try to sell them for twice what you bought them for? Or buy house after house to rent them at inflated prices and end up being no more than a slum lord? YOU are just as much the problem as Blackrock. All real estate vultures! All looking to get rich by stealing the American dream from the American worker!

  7. A few things are against home ownership. 1) Joe Biden and his eviction moratorium to intentionally eat up any housing inventory. 2) Corporations and real estate vultures buying up everything and anything they can to corner the residential housing market so they can gouge you for rent.

  8. You'll notice that in the infrastructure bill there isn't a cent going to housing. Some countries see affordable housing as a right so it is built into the plan. Singapore does this. Realize that only 3% of all the land in the country is developed for commercial or residential building. It is not for lack of land. We have disrupter technology that allows for durable homes to be built rapidly and cheaply. 3D homes, precast concrete, container homes, and modular homes could meet the demand for housing. Also, we have a tremendous amount of vacant properties. In England, they charge a bed tax on vacant properties to encourage owners to sell or rent them. By the numbers, we already have enough properties, 140+ million homes, apartments and condos in the U.S. Assuming 2 and a fraction residents in each property, that should do it. Corporations have moved in and are controlling the market. Driving rents up to 50% or more of a families income. As a result, more and more families are falling deeper and deeper into debt.

  9. During the Great Recession/Mortgage Meltdown, banks and mortgage companies sold homes bundled in lots of 100+ homes or more at auction. They were sold to institutional investors for pennies on the dollar. I met a guy who was buying homes that had some damage from the owners that lost their home to foreclosure. He was paying 5 to 8 cents on the dollar for homes in Southern California. The banks and mortgage companies did not want to deal with individual buyers for fear it would even further suppress the plummeting housing prices. There were some foreclosed homes that hit the regular market at auction but the discounts were minimal at a time when few had cash and mortgages were hard to come by. In the end, the institutional investors made out like bandits. There will no doubt be another crash in real estate. This one brought on by COVID. Eventually the eviction moratorium and foreclosure forbearance will be lifted and we will see what happens. It is not going to be pretty.

  10. I'm not sure it is a war on home ownership so much as looking for yield. In my neighborhood, you pay about $850k, can collect $4K/mo in rent – that doesnt seem like a bad return. ( I know there are complications and in reality it would be less )

  11. I find it funny that Adam thinks those new regulations to give animals "more room" when they are raised, are a good thing. I guess it's a good thing if you don't mind your food costs going up so you can no longer afford high quality food. This is just more central control idiocy which ALWAYS harms the average man and has terrible unintended consequences that a true free market adjusts for.

  12. I know several people, myself included, that sold a home and now live with family on owned property. Lots of large homes with what is referred to as in-law-suites. Also, don't forget about general downsizing; folks that had a bunch of kids, and no longer need a 5 bedroom home.

  13. according to jason harman's interview recently w/lynette sang, in 1970 it would take 4.1 ounces gold to pay a monthly mortgage and in 2021 it only takes 0.7 ounces to pay the monthly mortgage. only between 1990 – 2000 did it cost more though still less than in 1970

  14. Me thinks we've been intentionally "melting up" since 2008. It's just been ramped up since 2020 and we all know the justification there…

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