26 thoughts on “Whats the Difference Between a Recession and a Depression?”
  1. Hi Neil, I found your channel in research for my next video about economic recession. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia and I just started my own channel about financial as well. Thanks for the clear explanation, it really helps me to understand some details. Keep up the good work 👍

  2. Neil years after 2008 house prices in Ireland outside of Dublin fell by 45% wages were cut by 10% across the workforce wages & pensions were capped and still are owing to the Government raiding the Pensions because of less Money in the Pension Pool there will be no inflation rise for the near future, house prices were only started to recover the end 2019 I would say that was a Depression

  3. Another good upload, well done, of course you are correct about the differences, I wish our politicians and economists would stop referring to our current situation as a depression as it is not, whether or not we continue to decline over the coming year or 2 remains to be seen..as I understand the definition of depression is as follows… "a prolonged and sustained period of economic contraction"

  4. Bill Maher wished for a rescission and that got everyone depressing. Thanks Bill
    I never hated anyone this much to wish this on our country. Your wish came true Bill. Big thanks from my bunker Bill.
    You couldn’t have wished something evil on North Korea instead?

  5. Good info! And you're easy to understand. So, where's the happy medium between balls out crash so I can afford a eff'ing house again? It's rediculous, I make good money, but it doesn't afford me but a room at a bnb that's overcrowded. So sic of it.

  6. I think the economic impact from this will be so bad it pushes us to an entirely new economic system that is based on 'Take if you need give if you can'. This would be the end of capitalism as we know it. I don't think forcing equality on people (communism) is good by any means. But if the kindness and generosity of people is voluntary because of very, very tough times, we could create more equal societies where the ultra-wealth we've seen in the past vanishes. A lot of rich people are super greedy and unkind but they will go broke because the poor people who pay them can't even survive, therefore they will have to be generous out of necessity.

    Just a hopeful and optimistic outlook.

  7. I want to buy some equipment. A lathe and a mill. I can only get it on credit at this point. I was wanting to wait and save some more money then get it. My question is should I buy it now or wait? I am wondering if the manufacturing is going to stop on machines like that. How about solar panels? Do you think these things will become difficult to get or over priced? I am wondering because the manufacturing will surly be affected by this depression.

  8. Hi Neil, I just found you on here. I have watched a few videos on this series which leads me to my suggestion. For future videos on the same subject, would you please consider numbering them …PT.1, PT2, or just 1, 2, that way it is easier to know at a glance from the title which IS the next video. Thanks for the info if has been very helpful. I am subscibed!! I look forward to figure videos!!

  9. Now aged 65 I have always been a saver. Unfortunately that’s tended to make me a pessimist for the last 25 year. How ever in about three years time things can only get better and I’ll become an optimist, that’s if I’m still here!

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