May 12, 2021


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When a Liberal Finally Becomes Conservative

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34 thoughts on “When a Liberal Finally Becomes Conservative

  1. Once You become a Conservative then all of a sudden Simple questions of Science become Right or Left Wing. Wear a mask? Communist propaganda which started back in 1890 when Commies convinced surgeons to wear masks. Climate Change? My Ouija Board tells me it's part of a Deep State Conspiracy to make all of Humanity commit suicide.

    Thanks But NO THANKS, I'll stick with reality, and not this FAKE LIBERTARIAN who is ONLY concerned about right wing madness being countered by hard data and science.

  2. 2:21
    Do you know what Liberty means ?!?!?! (ill help, you love it!)

    Like for real! … i like your videos, and i hate leftists … but what i hate most when people try to mash together socialism, identity politics, and leftism with Liberalism, which has NOTHING to do with eachother!

    I DO love freedom, that is why i am a LIBERAL. (cos it's literally what liberalism is!)

  3. The answer to “when a liberal finally becomes a conservative” is a) you have become certifiably insane, 2) you believe man NEVER landed on the moon, 3) you believe Daylight Savings Time is a communist plot, or 4) all of the above……..

  4. I don't know what's all the political crap on a cat video but if you're looking for a q&A suggestion I would like to know how you get the cats to act so calm for Daddy and stay put but get them to bite Mommy and run away?

  5. I somehow got an ads for JP's Pro Kindness shirt before this video load. What kind of sorcery is this? Double JP for the price of one?

  6. I'm definitely becoming more and more conservative, but the only downside is I feel religion has too much say in everything they do and every bill they push. If they could separate church from state I would've become a conversative years ago.

  7. I respect you but honestly, I can't believe anything of what you're saying,

    It is just a bit hard to believe liberals becoming conservative…

  8. It's funny because I was the opposite. I was raised a Rush Limbaugh listening, climate change denying, pro-American imperialism Republican. It wasn't until my 30's I figured out who I was and had to come out to the world as a libertarian socialist.

    I know becoming more conservative when you grow up is the cliché but in my, admittedly anecdotal, experience I've seen a lot more go left than right. Although I think there is a real difference. The people I see go right are gradually becoming afraid of change as age tends to do, the ones that move left are the ones that challenge their beliefs and preconceptions in an intellectual context.

    Ironically it has always been the left for facts and the right for feelings.

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