October 26, 2021


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22 thoughts on “When Politics Goes VERY Wrong ? 3 Hysterical Videos ?‍♂️ McKrankie, ? & Dog ? Fail

  1. The south side will reject you haha the south side of where Romania? Cause that's what Govanhill is like these days thanks to this little creature good job on calling her out she should get a bollocking every time she steps out her mansion

  2. I live in Blackburn were the conservative mp is from,its been done as a joke the video,he is a taxi driver who knows nothing about politics,the video is staged and he knows exactly whats written underneath him

  3. Ahhh yes..the racist card! You can now upgrade if you choose to,it gives you so much off the next time you mount up your points in store or anywhere out and about especially when using it as an argument!! Yes get yours today.easy to apply too

  4. That guys said what too few of Scots think… ‘I’m a proud Scotsman and I don’t like seeing my country turned into another country by you [immigration].! Wake up Scotland. The face of many places is changing fast. Look at Glasgow for example.

  5. I am Scottish and I don't vote for the SNP as I am of the opinion that they aren't fit to run a menage let alone a country.
    Everyone who doesn't agree with Sturgeon, her minions or her brainwashed sheeple are branded as fascists and racists.Nicola Sturgeon is a prime example of the pot and kettle comparison. Sturgeon and her minions want an independent Scotland but independent only from England, she also wants an independent Scotland to become part of the EU despite having been told at the time of the 2014 independence referendum by the EU that that will never happen because Scotland will not be accepted without England. The SNP and Sturgeon are racists against the English and the Scottish people who disagree with them.Scottish Brexit leave voters have also been branded fascists and racists. They want Scotland independent from England and then they will give up their independence to become part of the EU. It's alright for other people and countries to comment on the idiocy and pigheadedness of Sturgeon and the Scottish government because they can get away with it, I and people like me have to put up with them and their actions against those who don't agree with them, I mean have you read their blasphemy bill ?

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