September 22, 2021


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When You Take Coffee TOO Seriously!

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Check out my favorite coffee: Take a stand against censorship. Join my Awakened Warriors Email List – …


32 thoughts on “When You Take Coffee TOO Seriously!

  1. funny but sad JP still endorses BRCC. I dumped them when they completely disavowed Kyle Rittenhouse. They didn't have to exactly pony up money for his legal defense but they shouldn't have outright disavowed him. That pissed off a LOT of their customers and other gun owners. We get that they didn't want to start setting a precedent that anytime someone was arrested for a gun-related crime that BRCC would be expected to donate, that's fine, but don't outright disavow the guy…and then also, don't hide the fact the owner donated to Hillary, and FFS no one buys the excuse that it was "because of a lost bet". We know you did it of your own free will.

  2. Next time try the WDT method before you tamp, that was horrible.
    It will help to prevent chanelling and therefore get that effecient extraction you are looking for and bring out all the complexity amd different notes of the beans.

  3. As a coffee snob that roasts my own bean, I LOVE this! Too funny! I sent this to my family members that have been making fun of me for years. Oh, also love the subtle plug for Black Rifle!

  4. Thanks JP for thinking for me about how pour over taste the same now I don’t have to try it myself. For FULL EXTRACTION OF THE BEAN I just eat them like jelly beans

  5. ha ha, you got me.. that said these days, by the time im through murdering my coffee with cream, and sugar. it pretty much all taste the same. kinda like back road gas station coffee with powder creamer instead of 1/2, and1/2.. another educational vid. that can be used in real life.. thanx, good stuff. madd

  6. I always prefer my coffee beans to have a balanced flavor profile of complex chocolate, advanced trigonometry and subtle notes of caramel. I can't drink it if it isn't certified VEGAN and LGBTQ+ though, and it has to have a creamy layer of free-range almond milk on top.

  7. Dude, you need to be grinding your beans by hand. Using a power grinder infuses the beans with oxygen diminishing their flavor and robing them of enzymes.

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