31 thoughts on “While America Freaks Out, Asia Quietly Goes Crazy”
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  2. Russians, they don't watch it China is going to turn on them,( Russian). cos China wants to be the big bog on the world ,Watch it Russia you are next , ,😕

  3. You have to understand that Pakistan and Afganistan is near China.

    And a selfinterest group from USA wants to fight against China in the future. These self interest group already made all the US citizen slaves as they made the citizens bound to loan and loan in the name of loaning from China. And the citizens need to buy goods with heavy price and work hard to survibe.

    And this self interest group use taxpayers money for wars to fill their pockets.

    We Aians are loving and kind people and dont want to war with each other. But now this selfinterest group is trying to create some issues using media and gun power to gain more money from US gov and Asia as well.

    But they do not know the consiquence. 70% of the world population of the world lives in this countries. They deserve to stay alive than other 30% stupid people who does not understand these media craps

  4. As soon as the guy reported VX gas was used to assassinate the guy in Malaysia, I called bullshit on both the reporter and the substance used in the assassination…

  5. This guy calls his webcam 'The China Report' and yet has a hard time pronouncing Chinese names. While he's not wrong about what's going on in western China, he's acting like it's a new thing, and I wonder if he believes himself. That area has been as repressed as the gov't has had the capability to make it since they invaded almost 70 years ago. Having a non-moving parade doesn't mean something new has happened. They're shaking their fists at the sky.

  6. North Korea wouldnt be an issue at all if the USA didnt interfere in their foreign affairs. Also, it is against UN charter to involve yourself in a civil war like Ukraine, Syria, Lybia and back then N korea.

    The USA and its NATO cronies have made every single major political issue the world has today threw their own idiocy and corruption.

  7. India however have the biggest investment in Russian military development of arguably any country. Russia relies on India funding to complete development of Russia's 5th generation aircraft. Interesting to say the very least if Russia decides to turn it's back on India. I'm certain the issues are all backed by China without Russia in the equation.

  8. You seem to speak for Pakistan and against India. Which is totally opposite of what most of the world is saying. Did you forget that Osama was found in Pakistan and not in India. You should be ashamed to accuse the worlds biggest democracy to sponsor terrorism.

  9. Pakistan o wait the country of terror saying that an war torn country and and one of top powerful country yet peacefull country sponsors that terror attack another lies India's ambitions in Afgan is to rebuilt Afghanistan throw economic and development of both country and will provide both country profit in economic

  10. It is indeed sad and shocking that how come a self proclaimed journalist shamefully presents a single side of picture, and ignores the reality, perhaps this is what we call here PROPAGANDA…aren't people funded..yes so you will just say what your sponsors told you..

    Security agencies in Pakistan have found not links with India in their recent attacks however 26/11 mastermind is still sitting in pakistan, even after immense pressure from UN they denied handing him over to India or even any other international organization. Didn't toy know your master Pakistanis were giving shelter to 9/11 terrorist Osama bin laden…

    And after Pakistan submits the list, Afghanistan submits the list 102 terrorists who are living in Pakistan who had attacked India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh…

    And the peace process you are talking about..who think India is derailing the peace process in Afghanistan, India is building Chahbar port for Afghanistan, India built largest afghani flag to spark nationalism among afghanis and most important India built entire Afghan Parliament as a measure to fasten up peace process…so sir before ignoring facts and you throw shit out of your mouth, i would request you to next time when you come in front of your camera with your ugly face..check the facts, dont try to spread lies among your viewers…. DISGRACEFUL ….

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