October 23, 2021


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50 thoughts on “WHISTLEBLOWER ALERT – Tape of Top Salesforce Execs Detailing Political Deplatforming Drops TOMORROW

  1. SalesForce has a monopoly and hopefully this will get big business to pull their business from them. SalesForce is not friendly to the little guy business. Ridiculous costs to integrate SalesForce into any business.

  2. You guys are the best and God's got his hands on you to bring forth the truth praise God where have all the journalists gone?? Those at the White House or puppets it's shameful and a disgrace to even listen to them talk political because it's all written up it's all-purpose it's disgusting we need the hard questions asked and the hard questions answered at least if they tried it would be nice their shame to the American people

  3. Project Veritas is the only true entity exposing corruption and lawlessness in and out of government. It is easy to know who is corrupt, if they oppose P.V. they are corrupt.

  4. What the hell is sales force? Are these a bunch of unemployed salespersons? What are the selling? These people have literally no relation to a “real” salesmanship. I’m betting they are sales rejects

  5. Help needed down under to whistle blow on corrupt children services NSW Australia. I just beat police in litigation and the evidence available shows direct collusion between police and children services aka families and justice. I have been solo V government for 20 years. Children services NSW Australia took there system of child protection to communist China. Our lawyers still have legal immunity giving them licence to work poorly even refusing to front court with unethical and corrupt abuse of law. I helped my ex wife to win her children back from the system. The case declared hall mark land mark bench mark which made me a targeted individual. Australia is a corrupt haven. The elite untouchable. I run a Facebook page DirtyDocswprkers. The government stooges have threatened litigation but know discovery would be I'm my favour and damnation for the bureaucrats and government heads. Please help seek litigation and discovery as no lawyer down under will take it on due to economic penalty from the system. Speak out no work policy of legal services. Let's make Project Veritas down under.

  6. James O Keefe it would be wonderful if you can get some whistleblowers on the Biden Administration and any government officials like Nancy Pelosi and such to expose their corruption.

  7. The darkness of msm lies has almost overtaken the entire U.S., and then along comes the blinding light of truth from Project Veritas and James O'Keefe to vaporize those lies. Thank God for Mr. O'Keefe and everyone else who makes the vermin from the msm run for the shadows when truth hits them.

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