October 23, 2021


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Whistleblower Exposes Obama’s Drone LIES – Snowden Speaks Out!

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45 thoughts on “Whistleblower Exposes Obama’s Drone LIES – Snowden Speaks Out!

  1. The late Glen Ford, founder of Black Agenda Report, called Obama the more effective evil. No POTUS persecuted whistle blowers more. And he rescued all the Banksters from the 2008 Global Bankster Heist.

  2. I had been wondering why you and Katy Perry broke up. Then, I saw her with a "pizza" cape on. Good for you Mr Brand. Now her husband is Orlando Bloom. I wonder who is going to take care of their daughter when they are imprisoned. Hopefully not Child Protection Services! Better still, they should be executed because they knew full well how this blood drug was obtained. You are much better off without a woman who is capable of doing such heinous acts.

  3. Russell what is your favorite stone let's start there because I want to make you something and I haven't been so inclined lately but I love you and want you to have even if I'm putting it in a med bag! Please tell me klj2401961@gmail.com

  4. Three and a half million subscribers!!! Russell sitting infront of a camera with a pot plant. He has found his true path. Love all your content. Love Sydney, Australia

  5. How come he’s not being shadow banned or having his videos deleted for exposing the truth? Just doesn’t make sense to me cause people who aren’t celebrities are doing this and getting shadow banned or deleted so I’m confused

  6. The US left live in a delusional world where they believe that their politicians are perfect. Obama started putting kids in cages. Obama increased spying on journalists. Obama started wars in other countries. Obama tried to increase division in society. Obama was ultimately responsible for the Russia collusion hoax and he kept quiet about it, knowing that innocent people were having their lives destroyed. (Meeting transcripts from the Obama administration conform that Obama knew about the Russia hoax.)

  7. Hes 33 now? Or back in 2009. That makes him 21 and access to intelligence? At 21 I was such a mess i was still left leaning thats how stupid I was.

  8. Whistleblowers egomaniacs? 😂 Well at least these govt statements are transparently stupid. Maybe the author of that statement was trying to shock people into accepting the truth… Ironically, making them something of a whistle blower, no?

  9. The reason they launched a multi-billion 5 year campaign using sources in FBI, NSA, homeland security, media, corporate allies and more against President Trump was because he refused to play their games, listen to lobbyists, or the globalists or corrupt stupid billionaires like George Soros

  10. B.o./44 did all sorts of things that weren't for the betterment of the U.S. citizens….unfortunately he played on their emotions, and had a silver tongue. In our day and age there is a huge segment of people that focus on emotion, and identity politics. Meanwhile nothing of merrit really gets done.

  11. It depends on which side of the government you’re on. Notice some whistleblowers are completely protected nobody ever knows his name they can say whatever they want without impunity are completely protected and are considered absolute truth and you aren’t even allowed to question them, but other whistleblowers are considered criminals guilty of espionage. I’m sure it’s just coincidence, our government would never play favorites or anything like that. Lol 🙄

    As far as drones I have no problem with them as long as they’re used correctly like any other plane or missile or weapon, it’s just a more sophisticated technology but I don’t think there’s any difference between a drone bombing a target and a plane bombing a target, if it’s the wrong target it’s because it’s selecting the wrong target and that’s still human error. Drones don’t make the decision of what to shoot, there still a person telling it to they’re just looking through a video screen instead of a window. If they’re hitting the wrong target then that’s a problem that isn’t specifically about drones it’s about the caretaking to choose a name of those target specifically and it happens with manually driven airplanes as well. If those numbers are true and they really were 90% of the targets were invalid then we do have a serious problem. I would like to say that their channels to go through to deal with that but let’s be realistic come up we all know that the government doesn’t let out information that it doesn’t want out, and that’s also a problem.

    As far as whistleblowers go I would hope that there was a system in place where people could speak up but at the same time it needs to be done carefully, not just every pissed off government employee should be able to turn the world upside down either and it shouldn’t be used as a political weapon like it was during the last administration. But there needs to be some level of checks and balances. As far as who they’re releasing it to Camera it’s hard to say. You could fall snowed in for the way he released the information but at the same time, where else was he supposed to go with it? And if there is nowhere else to go with it then you have the debate whether he was a hero or whether he was a criminal, he very well may have been both. It’s a complex situation, you don’t want pissed off idiot employees just running off pretending their heroes giving China or Russia information, but at the same time you want there to be somewhere for people to go to deal with this stuff. If we had a legitimate media instead of them being part of the whole deep state or whatever you wanna call it I would say that would probably be your best bet and I have a policy that the media would need to follow legally so they could expose what was going on and have it addressed but know how to do it in a non-destructive way. I don’t know the answer, but it’s clearly an issue that needs to be addressed. I do think it’s fair for any whistleblower to be scrutinized and questioned and have their motives questioned as well because it’s clear sometimes it’s nothing but a political attack but they need to be listen to carefully enough so the system works and if they have a legitimate issue that it be addressed properly.

  12. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. The only reason there is a left and a right is classic psychology – A choice of one or the other. Easy. This allows left and right to scrabble to the top of the heap without questioning. The maggots rise and we smell there stink and then look away.

  13. Not an egomaniac, but a martyr. Since he most certainly knew his freedom would be sacrificed. However nowadays practically nobody gives a flying fuck about “those people, over there” getting killed, which as an American who has seen enough innocent Americans getting vanquished by terrorist, I can understand. Kill them all and let God sort them out.

  14. I think they speak out for genuinely good reasons, nothing to do with ego. They have a strong moral compass and do it with the best intentions. Good for all who speak the truth.

  15. Imagine living in a country who tells you have a human right, freedom of choice, as long as you continue to pay your taxes.
    But the second you refuse their tyrannical orders/forceful/Rape you have no freedom, no human right, non left.

  16. i like trump. i like russell brand and i even like obama. all for different reasons. you see what i did there.. amazing isnt it. you too can get off the hate train. dont fall into the trap like the germans in the 30s did

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