October 17, 2021


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Who set the Terror Police on friendlyjordies?

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46 thoughts on “Who set the Terror Police on friendlyjordies?

  1. Expose this bruz Gronk for everything he’s done… deep down I’m sure he knows he’ll have to start clearing his office soon enough. Putting corrupt politicians on the public stage. Bravo! I had no interest in politics till I found this channel.

  2. Australia. Troops. Are. U.N. Troops. Not. Australia n
    Police. Enforce. Marshal. Law. And. Can not. Follow. Constatution. To. Protect. Citizens. as. Orders. Of. U.N
    Military. Can not. Protect. Constatution AU. Citizens .

  3. Im not sure what's more concerning; the arrest or the deputy premiere's blinky bill defence. Of this i am sure; with balls the size of Jordie's, I hope they changed the mattress in that bnb.

  4. Hahahaha since te pandemic i have been following australia and its abuses towards it people, just to point out to the sleepwalkers around me how bad things get when you grust governments… Im glad i found this brilliant channel. Brilliant humor on sad corrupt people. Cheers from Norway!

  5. You guys are fearless and awesome.
    Thank you for pointing out the corrupt cops that are actually lawless kids with real guns and belly's that hide their shoes. Seriously though, when will the police force stop being corrupt government employees lapdogs?

  6. This is off topic for this ep. But I thought the media aware people here were the best to ask…if I watch the same ep more than once, does that account favourably with YT for Jordy? Either on the same device or two devices but with same user name? TIA

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