April 10, 2021


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Why Arab-Israeli ties are normalizing

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32 thoughts on “Why Arab-Israeli ties are normalizing

  1. "After all, when people are wealthier, they have more to lose, and thus tend not to get into fight so quickly".

    Bingo! That's the only way for worldwide stability – STOP POVERTY! Do this by investing in education a lot more, by providing infrastructure for trade, invest in research and technology, caring less for ideological and religious differences and Voilà!, you have a wealthy state with smart and self sustainable people.

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  3. The bridge between Israel and Arab world has naturally evolved Greece. Greece having traditionally good relationships with Arab countries and Israel plays the role of a hub and paves the way for the emergence regional alliances between israel, arab world and greece as a historic key player in east Mediterranean.

  4. The Saudis and other gulf states have attempted these megaprojects in the past and have failed spectacularly. This channel loves to talk about these big projects and plans that different nations have without mentioning the countless obstacles that will most likely prevent any of these from coming to fruition. I guarantee no more than 10% of what CaspianReport talks about will happen, like this preposterous megacity or the British Canzuk.

  5. Due to the zionist control of USA
    There are so many forbidden things that no country can have unless they recognize the existence of the Alleged zionist state, one of these things is nuclear power.
    Some simple minded people thinks that UAE and Bahrain made the deal with the rulers of USA because of Iran, what a stupidity, Iran is collapsing Irani people have had enough

  6. I have nothing against the Israeli people and hope them well-being, but the issue is about Zionism. Unfortunately, the Arab world is in a state of ignorance, and people and governments lack the intellectual capacity to formulate a smart plan such that they will turn the tables in their favor despite having all the geopolitical advantage there is. The sad reality of the matter is, if the Palestinians were to rule that country, they will act no different towards the Israeli as the Israeli are doing towards the Palestinians for the past decades. Ideally, I would like to see the recognition of the country of Palestine, but it would be inhumane and wrong to deport, oppress, or threaten the innocent civilians of Israel. In Islam, we were taught to treat people better than they treat us so that our actions speak for what kind of people we are. The fact is, as much as I would like to see Palestine triumphing and Zionism (which is harming the US' economy as well) to fall, I can't see it happening in my lifetime. I don't mind the peace treaty, to be honest, it's a win-win and there isn't a crime against developing relationships with oppositions. The UK robbed Egypt, Portugal tortured the people in UAE and Oman, France ruled over Syria and Lebanon, the US invaded Iraq, China is torturing the Muslims to this day, yet no one is throwing a tantrum about having relations with those, so why is it different with Israel? I will never support Zionism but even common sense, economics, and politics need to have a word before refusing any offer given from Israel.

  7. I realised that Egypt could have wipped isreal of the map only if the governement in the time was watching WW2 but what happened happened i can not change the past

  8. It is highly important to make sure that citizens of the Arab countries benefit from the peace with Israel to fight the unpoplularity of these agreements. Most humans including arabs will abandon big ideas to favore well being. Similar mistake Israel made with the Palestinians,, Instead of guns and police force we should have built them factories for job opportunities leading to better life.

  9. The middle east is a shit hole because Israel can only survive and thrive in that environment. Just like much of Jewish history, even recent history of the region is packed with lies. Those shiekdoms will come crashing and crash Israel with it.

  10. I agree with most of that was said. You forgot a lot of important points, the ways Israel entered to Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. War will create resistance and this is exactly what happened with Hezbollah, the Housiyyin and others. Iran is used as a threat to the Arab Peninsula so they US and Israel can sell weapons to them at huge amounts. You also forgot all the USA and Saudi relations which started after the Arab Oil Embargo 1973-1974. Now they are hooked and are obliged to continue with this deal till the end.
    Israel shifted the conflict from Arabs-Israeli's to Muslims Sunni (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, … )-Muslims Shiaa' (Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Yemen, …)

  11. It's not like your Brexit example. At all. Whether arab opinion on the street wants to allow their governments to recognize Israel is an international affair to them. Brexit is domestic. First off. Second is that Israel is a reality and any amount of arabs not recognizing it is laughable, like all the other islamic vices of not recognizing each other, for crying out loud! Suni, shia, alevi, sufi, hepsini bir bire nefret ediyorlar gardaş! They hate everybody. That's why such opinion poles should have no bearing on policy. And no, I am neither an Israel hater nor lover. I'm a realist.

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