May 8, 2021


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Why Armenia and Azerbaijan are at war

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41 thoughts on “Why Armenia and Azerbaijan are at war

  1. Shirvan I like your videos but as an Azeri you are clearly not neutral in this case. You did never mention the armenian genocide and the endorsement of the ottomam pashas who ordered it by Erdogan and Aliyev. For all of you, who would like to hear a second opinion on this topic, go to the channel of Vox Atlas, they covered it very well.

  2. The conflict began with Sumgait and Baku massacres,, where the Azerbajanis conducted ethnic cleansing against Armenians,, the same hostilites started to spread into Artsakh, and people started to defend themselves,, Armenia never claimed Artsakh…

  3. We have done a podcast on Nagorno-Karabakh war and the future of this region with an expert on post-Soviet space. The episode includes topics such as reasons why Armenia lost the war and Russia's geopolitical interest in all of this. You might find our conversation quite interesting and we would love to hear you feedback:)

  4. I know this is a sensitive topic and it's about people wanting to live in their homelands, but…
    the map would look nicer if Armenia traded Nargorno-Karabahk for Nakhchivan

  5. '

    both AR and AZ should be good allied friendships as good borderline neighborhoods as shares the land…

    dont need to be fight war over the land…

    why both fights about it

  6. Why does it sound like u are trying to sugar coat everything Azerbaijan is doing?? They literally ignored every cease fire not to mention all the war crimes they’ve committed. The way u portray Armenia and Azerbaijan is so biased.

  7. this channel is clearly spreading russian propaganda and fake Russian news in order to show Russia is strong what really russia is not. Russia is a backward and poor country in all respects, Russia is an economic, demographic and military dwarf dwarf compared to NATO. This channel can be named for Kremlin canned food

  8. Armenians are, generally speaking, peaceful as it is a Christian majority country, but they should also consider and evaluate that their neighbour is a expansionist Muslim majority. Their cabinet must now plan for more safety.

  9. De Armenian people suffer the most of this from the ottoman era till now they are just a minor population in the area cuz the turkish purge of armenians that kills over 3 milions ethnic armenians then the soviets and now the azerbaijani people that are cousin in ethnic things with turkey i dont say that the azeri are not victims but the armenians suffer the most of it and i give them credits cuz they fight for their nation, freedom and religion to the bitter end..

  10. The conflict is kept alive because it suits the strategic interest of NATO to keep the area in perpetual conflict. Armenia is the aggressor and Armenia is going to suffer significant loss to find itself hated by all its neighbours.

  11. From what it sounds like Azerbaijan claimed Armenian land based upon ethnicity. Armenia responded in the most efficient , but unethical solution to that claim by simply removing the reason for the claim. The people. If Azerbaijan had not made a grab for power , those Azerbaijani would still be living peacefully in Armenia. This is the problem with governments that base their own identity behind a specific culture.

  12. Seems like Azerbaijan is playing their geopolitical cards well. Hopefully they will go on as a benevolent example for their neighbors and the Shia world.

    Big mistake of Armenia to rely on Western powers who apparently weren't very supportive of their territorial claims – unless it was some calculated move to move on from the Karabakh issue and reliance on Russia without looking weak by even offering a fight.

  13. If you want to learn more about the Azari war crimes in this conflict, be sure to specify the year so you don't get bogged down in their long history of pogroms and crimes against humanity. Those huns played videos on giant screens in Baku of human-beings dying. Brainwashed and depraved souls over there. Something for the world to remember

  14. I suspect there is more to the History of Armenia and Azerbaijan than what happened in the early 1990s. If there were ancient Monasteries or Churches on the land it would lend evidence that Armenia had some claim the the land. This reminds me of Serbia and Kosovo.

  15. This video is biased and misses a lot of key information. Please answer, why are there 370+ Armenian churches in Nagorno-Karabakh dating back to 4th Century? Why is there a region deep inside Nagorno-Karabakh called Tigranakert? Did you know Tigranes the Great was the Armenian king in 80BC? Also did you know that the Armenian language was created by St. Mesrop Mashdots and built the Amaras Monastery in early 5th Century in the region? St Gregory the Illuminator's grave is also in Artsakh.
    Nagorno-Karabakh was Armenian territory to begin with. Was handed over to a newly created state called "Azerbaijan" by Joseph Stalin in 1923. Armenians are the indigenous people of Nagorno Karabakh, aka Artsakh.
    For those that don't understand, this is the situation of Artsakh.
    Kid 1 (Armenia)
    Kid 2 (Azerbaijan)
    Kid 1 has candy. Joseph Staling comes in takes Candy from Kid 1 and gives to Kid 2. Kid 1 & Kid 2 fight and Kid 1 successfully gets his candy back. But because Kid 2 had the candy for some time, he thinks it's his. But it wasn't his to begin with.

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