May 11, 2021


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Why Do We Fear The Dead? | Gods And Monsters | Timeline

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27 thoughts on “Why Do We Fear The Dead? | Gods And Monsters | Timeline

  1. "I don't believe in Ghosts, but they scare me."
    Mark TWAIN

    And in breaking news: Government has spent $2,200,000 to prove when you're dead you seldom move,such a bargain!😜

  2. I wonder what the bystanders felt seeing a mannequin being stabbed with a stake to the heart in that intersection. Not to mention the blood pouring out… 🤣🤣🤣 I'm glad the camera man was there, otherwise someone might have misunderstood and called the police. 😁👌🏼

  3. The things that happen to the body from shortly after death to a few weeks or even longer depending on conditions of after death, makes alot of sense on why they believe the body can come back. As well as, someone being in coma or other conditions in which the person was buried alive and awoke afterward. Since the body rots and smells makes sense that they think it's an evil act.

    If you believe the Bible is literal then you know Jesus came back from the dead. He raised Lazerus so…..

  4. They are very much alive. Do not chase them. I have one speaking to me non stop and making me crazy. He tells me I’m possessed and brain washes people against me. He does not stop speaking and can do more then we can imagine.

  5. Oh my god look at that house that castle that is beautiful out ofmy dreams is that Transylvania gorgeousness!!!!!!!!!!?! I love all your videos you shine like a million stars you are my only desire love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Democrats push fear along with their gayism abuse of knowledge colors numbers letters and symbols go together in there frustration cause nothing works with a wet teddy bear

  7. We spent our teenage years, nights on end at graveyards, lots of privacy 😉 and only the best memories! No creepy feeling at all 🙂 As always, I enjoyed your cunning mind, Sir Tony!

  8. I figure most women would be rather mad that after 30 years of marriage, their husbands wouldn't recognize them just because they were wearing a small piece of see-through cloth over their faces

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