April 20, 2021


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Why Does BLM Hate Black Men? | Slightly Offens*ve

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28 thoughts on “Why Does BLM Hate Black Men? | Slightly Offens*ve

  1. There is a point when both sides get it wrong. Having "planter instigators" is wrong, I doubt his thoughts were about some "experiments" and more about stoking the fire. Blm isn't about black lives. It's funded by CAIR and the ICNA , both Islamic foundations. Why do you think it's so organized and we'll funded. It's about destroying America from the inside. Y'all completely miss the point and get caught up in the show!!

  2. Why do we (White Folks) need to change? Do we have astronomical murder rates in our communities? Do we have a majority of fatherless homes? The list goes on forever…so who needs to change?

  3. Jury nulification. Learn that term. I carry, and if some violent POS approaches my table and threatens my family? Their head won't be on their shoulders long. F these violent, cultureless thugs.

  4. If the police get defunded, leftists will immediately start dying by the millions, if there gwnuinely areillions of leftists. The only thing keep law abiding citizens from lynching these vile evil leftist terrorists is the belief that they will be held to account for their crimes

  5. I have a theory that they’re pushing for the defunding of police as a layer of their attempt to overthrow the government. The constitution doesn’t allow democrats to just make America a communist country. Part of overthrowing government or civil war is breaking down the rule of law. I don’t think they’ll get that far but who tf knows at this point

  6. The "Right" stands for Love, Forgiveness, Peace and Prosperity.
    The "Left" stands for Hate, Unforgiveness, Civil War and Austerity.
    For most "Right Thinking" people it's an easy choice, unfortunately, for the Marxist Ideologically Indoctrinated Left, it's also an easy choice.
    Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Sad for all.

  7. How is it that SO MANY LEFTIST MORONS all think they can READ MINDS? Do they EVER engage in a REAL ARGUMENT? EVERYTHING is a STRAWMAN ARGUMENT and they SHOUT YOU DOWN because they already KNOW your thoughts.

    WHO KNEW that being STUPID comes with TELEPATHY built in?
    WHO KNEW that people who don't KNOW ANYTHING had the SUPERIOR MINDS and MAGICAL POWERS?
    …but they are able to KNOW our THOUGHTS. It is the only thing impressive about these F-Heads.

  8. Blm to track antifa unless blm to attack antifa first their using each other who is strongest and going to attack who first it's going to happen who'll be first

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